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As always, a work in progress.  If you know of other sites and blogs not listed, feel free to comment. Blessings.

Pagan Calender

Anne's Remedy: Herbs for Children and Babies (I thought this was interesting, but as always be sure to check with your doctor or a real herbal expert first!)

Pagan and Wiccan Parenting Page
The Phooka Pages
Proud to be Pagan: Kids
Beara's Children: Pagan Kid Pages
Pagan Kid's Grove: Coloring Pages
Pagan Parenting (Facebook Group)
Pagan Parents Online (Facebook Group)
Pagan Homeschool (Facebook Group)
Pagan Homeschool Network (Facebook Group)
Pagan Homeschool/Unschool Network (Facebook Group)
Pagan Homeschooling (Closed Facebook Group) Birth Charts Family Paganism How to Set Up a Children's Altar Including Kids in Pagan Practice
Austin Pagan Kids
Pagan Families (Resources for Pagan Pregnancy and Birth)
Mamawitch's Pagan Parenting Pages
Sluggy's Pages
Nature Nurtured: Pagan and Earth-Reverent Families 
Circle of Moms (not specifically Pagan, but there are groups for any problem or topic)
Little Pagan Acorns (Pagan Home Schooling)

Those pages which aren't specifically Pagan in nature, but are fun arts and crafts to do with your kids...or friends. :-)
 ABC Teach: Coloring Pages
 Family Fun Magazine (Activities, crafts, and recipes)
GardenMama: Scenting Our Dreams (making a dream pillow)
Patheos: 5 Spiritual Practices To Do With Kids Under Three
Tooth Fairy Tradition
DIY Plush Wiccan Altar Tools 
10+ Unique Fall Crafts for Kids to Make
Sugar Aunts: Creative Art Projects for Kids

Raising Witches by Ashleen O'Gaea
Pagan Homeschooling by Kristin Madden
A Witches Primer: Grade One by Lorin Manderly
Pagan Kids' Activity Book by Amber K
My First Little Workbook of Wicca by Velvet Rieth
Growing Up Pagan by Raine Hill
Circle Round: Raising Children in Goddess Traditions by Starhawk


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