Wednesday, August 23, 2017


First, just happened, and it's adorable:

"Itsy itsy bitsy wobot went up da big ole wa-doo spout. Down came the wain and washed the itsy itsy bitsy wobot agaaaainnnnnn!" Vinny singing a song. "Again" was sang with a big deep low voice. 

The Day of Hope was on August 19th. Here is the prayer flag that I made for Nathan Jacen this year:

I tried my hand at loom knitting, crocheted the "N", and sewed on the heart button. This one is outside, as I learned that prayer flags aren't supposed to be still. The wind blowing helps to carry the prayers to the Spirit World. The more tattered and worn the flags are the better.

I've also been crocheting like crazy, making gifts for my SIL's baby shower in October. The theme and colors for my coming nephew are blue and whales. So I crocheted a large stuffed humpback whale and am working on a big gray and blue bag. As I learned with my kids, one can never have too many bags. I may even make a blanket--possibly loom one. Can never have too many blankets either!

As for the boys, school's going great. Wolfman is recognizing big numbers, so I'm going to start working with him on those with number cards. This morning he was able to tell me what 2+2 is! Already better at math than mommy! ;-) We've been doing a combination of ABC Mouse, card match and memory games, and youtube preschool song videos. The boys have 18 stickers on their school boards. Even Warrior is participating. At first, he was just watching, and now he's giving answers faster than his big brother.

Right now, Wolfman is in Time Out for throwing a fit after school was over. We typically do 2 hours of school, and he wanted more. So much that he went off crying dramatically and then threw a train track across the living room. 15 minutes of sitting in the corner for him! Yup, Wolfman's in quite the annoying phase right now. I don't think I've ever had to put him in Time Out as much I have these two weeks. It's getting old. But part of parenting. I cannot wait until this phase is over.

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