Sunday, August 6, 2017

One Talk Isn't Always Enough

Giving extra thanks to Artemis on this 6th day of August.  Earlier some sick fucking pedophile pulled up to my friend's driveway and showed her young daughter and her 9-year-old friend that he was masturbating.  Luckily, the friend grabbed L by the arm and they ran inside the house.  My friend's since reported it and spread it on Facebook, as did I.

Sick fucks.  Just kill the mother fuckers, they deserve nothing less.

She's had the Stranger Danger talk with her daughter before, yet L still approached the man's vehicle.  So they had another discussion.  I've been doing the same with my kids.  My kids are just so friendly to people.  And my oldest love vehicles.  So it's been challenging, but it gets easier as he gets older. Talking to them about Strangers and why it's important to never approach their vehicles or follow a stranger somewhere, even if they promise them toys, candy, or animals.  If an stranger--person or child--ever offers, yell no, and to come to mommy or daddy immediately.  Never go with them.  Never.  Do not allow them to get close to you.  Grab your brother and run.

We'll also be teaching them the password, too.  That's one thing that my dad always enforced with us, never go with someone unless they know the password.  If they know it, good.  If not, run for help.

Yesterday, I after I told my eldest to stay in front of our window and door while we were in the front of our apartment building (don't usually play out there), he said, "Because of strangers might kidnap us, right?"


"Well, I'll just punch them in the nose."

"No, baby.  A stranger tries to get you to come inside their house or car, or away from us in any way, you need to grab your brother, and come to us.  NEVER get near a stranger.  If they grab you, scream for help."

We do plan on teaching our children self defense, of course, against bullies and creeps, but they're obviously too young to fight off some sick fucking pedophile.   It's best for them to scream for help and run.

It's something that I talk about weekly with my kids.  It's a terrifying thought.  Sadly I've had to have this talk with my husband.  When we're at parks, his nose in his phone.  Like, do you understand how quickly everything can change?  How quickly some sick fuck can lure a child away or snatch them?  Do you understand that?  Get off of your phone and pay attention.

I was sure to show him my friend's message today.  Everyone says I'm paranoid and crazy and a helicopter parent.  Nah, it's call being a responsible parent.  Teach your kids.  Educate your spouse if you have to.  Reinforce these teachings.  Quiz your kids once in a while.  Get your kids into self defense, too.  It could save their lives.

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