Monday, August 7, 2017

Lovin School

Started teaching the littles.  Been having school for a little over two weeks.  I'm using ABC Mouse, Youtube toddler videos, and activities that I've made for them.  Like, we have ABC flash cards, matching letters, numbers, shapes, and items, like car, trees, etc.  I'm teaching them safety around the house and outside, especially about respecting animals, domestic and wild.  I reward with coloring books, snacks, playing outside, and I've made sticker boards for them.  Everyday, they pick a sticker from their vast collection, and put it on their board.

We were outside Saturday, and the kids saw spider webs and were saying, "Fider webs are fiders homes.  We don't mess with their homes.  Let's go play somewhere else."

I was so proud.  Wolfman looked above the door and say, "Mommy!  Look, there's a one and a six and another six!"  I asked him if he knew what the number was, other than our apartment (which he knows).  He didn't, which I kind of figured since we've only just got into teens, but I told him.  So proud when he pointed that out...and then freaked out the next moment, when Warrior picked up a "buggy flower", as I watched a big ole carpenter bee fly off of the small white flower in his hand.  I had to teach them about staying away from flowers that had insects, especially bees, on them.  Let the bees eat.  Don't bother them, they might sting you.

Basic respect and safety.

Normally, I don't like them picking flowers, but sometimes it's all right, unless we're at the park or walking in the woods.  Don't touch the plants, because mommy's doesn't know what they all are, yet.  There's a board game called Wildcraft that I want to get for my kids.  It's teaches about plants and wild herbs, edible and poisoness.  That way we can learn together!

Plus some of the parks around here offer nature classes for little kids.  I might look into that next year for them.  I wish we had a Spiral Scouts group around here.  I'm always keeping my eyes out for any chapters.  Boy Scouts sounds great--my brother was a scout--but I like the idea of Spiral Scouts better.  Supposedly, it's more Pagan friendly.

Thanks to some preschool pages on Facebook, I'm also getting other ideas for educational activities, like matching letter that spell out their names and sight words.  I also want them to learn how to match colors with the word.  Step by step.

The boys are really enjoying school.  Always asking if it's time for school yet.  Gotta make it fun and enjoyable for them.

Also, we've started night training Warrior...!  Second night in.  Fingers crossed that we won't be needing to buy diapers for a while.

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