Saturday, August 12, 2017

Gonna Get an Early Start!

Today, we figured out the Halloween costumes and have a plan of when we're buying them all, so we're not doing something last minute.  Although last year, it worked out, because Wolfman went as Blaze from The Monster Machines and Warrior went as Chase from Paw Patrol.

This year, the boys are going as Dragonball Z's Goku and Vegeta.  Hubby was going to go as either Piccolo or "Princess" Trunks.  But we couldn't find me a Bulma that fits.  To be honest, I'm glad.  DBZ wasn't my choice, not a big fan.  I love DBZ Abridged, but that ain't exactly kid friendly.  I'd definitely argue that DBZ isn't either, especially the earlier episodes (some racist and sexist art).  Hubby watches it in Japanese, with English subtitles every Sunday, so the kids are just enjoying the action.

So the boys are going to match.  As for me and the hubs, we were going to go as Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf, but we've done this theme, back for Wolfman's first Halloween.  And I've done Werewolf Little Red.  So we decided that since I'm getting a Greek dress for rituals, that we'd go a Nymph and Satyr theme.

I'm going with some Greek Goddess of Love costume, with a really pretty brown eye mask, and I'm going to make a crown out of ivy garland.  Hubby is going to wear a black horned eye mask, and I'm going to use copper paint marker to put the same markings from my mask onto his.  Then he'll wear a vest, some jeans, and these hooves that'll fit over his shoes.  Over his chest, he'll wear an ivy sash, with a wooden flute and a plastic wine glass hanging from it.  I'm going to paint the inside of the cup to look like it's stained with red wine.

We're also going to get an early start on Yule and birthday shopping.  This year, Wolfman's 5th is going to be Disney Cars themed, and we also want to get the boys bikes.

Oh, and I met my first Renesmee this week--a little neighborhood girl who lives a couple of apartments down from us.  Someone's mom is a big Twilight fan.  Wolfman was calling her "Resume", lol.  I thought it was funny that she's named for a vampire who's imprinted on a werewolf, and my son's name is short for Lycanthrope--Werewolf.

And lastly, on the Warrior font, this first week of night training went pretty well.  He only had two pee accidents, no poop accidents yet.  And that was Friday and Saturday morning.  So far, he's doing a lot better than his brother did.  Or maybe we are, since we have practice with his brother?

All right, night night time calls.  Time to put these little monsters to bed!

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