Saturday, July 22, 2017

Teaching the Littles

We recently started looking for preschools for the boys, but ran into problems.  The schools around here, either they're too expensive or are Christian.  So, conundrum.  I wanted them to go, because my SIL's kids are in preschool and they're learning a lot of useful information.  I like that.  I want that.

However, I can't afford that.

I have been teaching them at home.  But in a school environment, with other kids, they're more eager to follow and participate, to listen and learn, than if it's just the three of us.  When they're at my SIL's house, she does some teaching and projects with them, and they love it.

I want that socialization, too.

I was talking with a friend yesterday, who reminded me that when we were kids, there wasn't a preschool (none that our parents sent us to, is what I mean), and we were just fine.  So I've decided to save the money and just do ABC Mouse (finally).  They had a special going on, with a price cut, we finally got it working, on both laptop and the tablet.

Starting tomorrow, we're "going" to school--actually I may plan tomorrow, then start school on Monday.  I'll use that time to actually have a bit more of a learning environment, too.  Practice for if I decide to home school my kids.  Today's common core--only teaching kids how to take tests--crap isn't good enough.  Scares me.  However, teaching starts at home.

I've already gone over Stranger Danger a little bit, and have started teaching them street safety.  I've looked ABC Mouse over a bit, so what they don't teach, I'll fill in the gaps, as well as use some Youtube videos that can explain things better than me.

Basic educational things about their world, safety, nature, etc; plus I'm starting to put together a little something that has to do with Paganism and Magik.  I've been teaching them a bit, but now I'm starting to make activities to enforced the concepts and make it fun.

Depending on how this first week goes, I'll be planning a simple schedule and syllabus to follow.

Speaking of teaching, we took the boys swimming for the first time in a deep pool.  Bought them life jackets, and taught them how to kick.   "Like your walking, keep your feet underneath you!"  Eventually Wolfman got it, but Warrior still needs more practice.  We missed the swimming lessons offered by the YMCA this year, so I don't know how to teach them to hold their breath, but we'll figure it out...either Youtube to the rescue or trial and error.

Eventually, Wolfman understood how to keep himself level, and was able to swim from wall to wall!  So proud of him, my little water baby!  Whereas his brother was content with reclining back on us, like a baby otter, holding onto a ball.

Once Wolfman figured out how to swim, he didn't want to get out.  Just like his mommy.

And last bit of news, we're going to start trying for another kid.  I've stuck to my diet and then some, and have been steadily losing weight.  I'm healthier than I've ever been.   Fingers crossed that we get our girl.  Either way, I'm hoping for a good pregnancy, little to no complications, and a healthy baby.

 If it's a boy, Logan Rhys.  If it's a girl, either Tesla Mindy or Rylee Hester.