Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Poseidon's Fury!!! ...Oh, no, it's the Two Terrible Toddlers!!!!!!

Jolted awake by Vinny crying. Jumped up, heard he was downstairs, then I saw that he was soaked. Lycan was soaked. Then i fucking heard it. THe downstairs bathroom sink was on. Ran down and splash, water all over the floor and carpet. They had plugged the sink and let it run. Out of towels. Almost out of blankets. Fans working on high. Door's open. Ruined stuffed animals which fukc that I don't care about right now. Almost a full pack of toilet paper ruined. One of my books, which was sitting on the back of the toilet is completely fucked. Part of the living room carpet is soaked.

Fuck you, Universe.

Don't have kids.

But I guess it could be worse. At least no one's hurt, The computer's little black boxy thing on the it's cord wasn't wet, despite sitting on soaked carpet. And my camera bag is apparently water proof. My fucking livelihood is okay.

Good morning.

An hour later:

Well, can't have the door open because there's some jackass gatekeeping asshole wasp outside threatening to come in.

I have a heat rash now, and I can't use powder because the stupid bottle won't open.

And i guess something did happen to the black box on the computer power cord, because it's making crackling noises. I'm going to turn this off. fucking power cords can be expensive. might as well buy a new laptop, except, oh wait, we're poor. 

Those kids are staying in their room until this carpet dries. They have dry clothes, food, water, lycan's peed, vinny has a fresh diaper. Staying in there until I say otherwise.

You know what sucks about this ruined book? I've been reading it for 2-3 years, intentionally taking my time with it. It's one of those learnin books with lessons and shit. Only had a couple of chapters left....and now....bloody hell. Maybe this is a psychotic break? A book has been brutally murdered and I'm calm about it? Well, at least it wasn't one of my Harry Potter books.

All things considering, I didn't completely flip out and lose my temper. I yelled at them, told themt o go to their room, slammed their door. Cried when I saw the epic mess. Cleaned up. Calmly, but firmly explained why they were in trouble. Cried some more. But I have been relatively calm, guess I'm making progress with my temperament.....hopefully it's not some kind of psychotic break, though.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Day of Hope

Today marks the CarlyMarie Project Heal: Day of Hope (Facebook page, event).  A day to make prayer flags to honor the lives of fetus', infants, and children whose lives were cut too soon.  I'm currently making my first flag for Nathan, and I'm crocheting it.  I figured that the first big project that I did when I was just starting to learn how to crochet, was a Memorial blanket for Nathan.  Why not crochet his first flag, too?