Sunday, January 31, 2016


We started potty training Wolfman yesterday.  Put him in a pair of underwear (he was NOT into that, kept wanting his diaper), gave him a demonstration, walked him through it.  He does like his potty.  And he's loves to go over the steps.  Today, I think we got him to understand to come to us BEFORE he pees and poops.

For his last clean undies of the day, he so nearly made it to the bathroom.  If it wasn't for the baby gate, he would've made it.  That shows me that he's starting to get it...underwear is not a diaper.  You can't pee and poop in them.

Tomorrow, we go again.  Get up, change the diaper, put on the underwear, walk him back through how to use the potty and wash his hands, and keep an eye on him, ready with a towel and a bottle of lysol.  We've also been watching potty training videos for toddlers on Youtube, which helps him get excited about learning it.

Warrior's getting excited about it, too. Although he seems more excited about the toilet paper roll, so we're going to introduce him to the smaller potty (Lycan has that little portable toilet insert toddler potty seat...thing).

Any advice?

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Chef Wolfman

Lycan was really bent on helping me cook my eggs. I gave him two of mommy's tools, a cooking spoon and a mixing bowl.
"Okay, Spongebob."
"Mommy, bowl is empty. I gotta help you cook eggs."
"I know it's empty. Use your imagination."
"Mommy. Bowl is empty."
"Okay...AH, make me some tacos."
"Mommy, i have to help you cook egg."
"No, tacos. Here." I poured some tortilla chips in the bowl.
*Gasps* "Mommy, these are chippies."
"Yeah, make me some tacos....or nachos."
I turned around and heard stiriing, then crunch crunch munch crunch. I turned around and he was gone. Took the toast that I made for him and went upstairs. lol

Might be time for his own pretend foods and kitchen tools.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


I was looking at bunk beds today.  Personally, I don't like them, but hubby's talking about getting the boys bunk beds when they get older.  I don't know if I like that idea.  Never had good experiences with bunk beds....but then maybe rolling off the top bunk is a rite of passage?  I dunno, I was window shopping today, and was glad to see that most of them have guard rails for the top bunk nowadays.

They are space savers, too.

The boys might want them, since more than likely they're going to be sharing a room, at least until they're teenagers.

When we were kids, I shared a room with my older brother and we had bunk bed.  Due to my acrophobia, he always got the top bunk.  One day, that damn thing collapsed with me in my injuries, just terror.  It would be many years until I was comfortable being in a bunk bed, after that.

One time my BFF was sleeping over and had the top bunk.  I had opened my eyes just in time to see a body falling off, as she rolled.  Quite the rude awakening for both of us...especially her.  After that I was done with it.  Not even in college, did I turn my bed into a bunk loft, to save space among my two room mates.

But yeah, IF IF we do go that route, and both kids are down with a bunk bed, we're going to make sure that there's rails, that's it super sturdy, and instead of a ladder, we're doing stairs.  Momma's not a fan of bunk beds.

But a lot of them are pretty interesting these days.  Lots of ideas if we ever go that route.  But then there's lots of cool idea for kids beds that aren't stacked on top of each other, too...

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Prayer and a Family Shrine

Last night was a long night.  Warrior's had a cough that hasn't gone away yet, and at night it's so much worse!  He just hacks and coughs so hard at night.  I don't know what to do for him except pat his back (try to help him break the mucus up), give him baby tylenol, and just keep an ear on him.  I tried putting a tad of vicks vapor rub on his feet, but it didn't do anything.  I wish they made OTC medicine for coughs and phlegm for his age, but I haven't seen anything trustworthy yet.

Today he only had one short coughing fit, so I'm praying that he doesn't experience anymore tonight.  Nope, he's having another one, and we just laid them down for night night.  If it keeps up, we'll have to take him to the doctor this week.  Poor baby.  Doesn't help that I'm constantly flashing back to his time spent in the PICU, when he caught the rhino and corona virus' and almost died...

Speaking of prayer, I saw a question in a Facebook Pagan Parenting group about what age some start teaching their children to pray at, and it got me thinking.

I pray to my Deities and Spirits weekly, however my husband doesn't pray to his--it's just not his style.  While I had thought about teaching them prayer, I don't know that I will...yet.  I want them to discover the Gods they like on their own.  Of course, we're raising our children Pagan, and they've already been introduced to our Gods and the Spirits (and we be reintroduced as they get older), and have been taught about some of the Weather Gods, and such, but I want them to discover their own connection.  Wolfman knows about some of our Household Deities: Odin, Thor, Sister Moon, Hestia, and Kuan Yin; and the Spirits.  If they want to pray to the Hestia, I want them to do so because they want to, not because it's who I pray to.  Of course, they can if they want, I just don't want them to think they have to.  That they're expected to, ya know?

Mommy prays, daddy doesn't, yet we're both devoted to our Gods and Spirits, and either way is okay.  I mean, I also set up the shrines and give the offerings, which hubby didn't know that he wanted until I did so for Odin.  Now he's all about finding the right shelf for his Patron.  Even though I don't follow Odin, myself, I want the kids to see Him.  To know of Him, too, same with my Deities and Spirits.

I mean, if the kids even believe in the Gods and Spirits, that is.  Maybe they won't?  However, they can still pray.  Still have themselves, in humanity...if they want.  I never want them to feel like they have to because it's what I do, or with any spiritual or magikal thing (if they follow the same paths).  Now when they reach the maturity and want to becomes Witches, then yes, the basics will be a bit more by-the-book, but as they get a handle on those, then they'll be able to branch out and experiment.  Find what works best for them, like I did.  My practice used to be very rigid, because I was new and still learning, ya know?  I mean, I'm still learning, but I also have a much better idea of what I'm doing, I mean, I got the basics down a long time ago!

Prayer aside, first things first, we have to get into the habit of reading to them before bed, in their room.  Read them stories, poems, songs, and yes, some little generic prayers here and there, of Pagan/Practitioner backgrounds.

Here are some poems, chants, songs, and stories from The Pagan and Wiccan Parenting Page.  Course I have more sources up in the Links tab (I haven't checked them in a while, so some may not work, I'll check it later).

My SIL, she and her husband go all out for their bedtime ritual: bath, religious song (dad plays acoustic guitar), story, prayer, then lights out.  I doubt that we'll ever do all of that, but it's inspiring to say the least.

I can't wait until the boys become mature enough that they'll want to help mommy with some things, like smudging, simple protections spells, and maintaining the family shrine.  Yes, the family shrine or altar.  Most of the shrines are out of their reach, but I'm experimenting with putting a smaller one a little closer to their level.  There's not much on it, but it's all toddler safe and unbreakable.  Kept in the living room, as there's almost always an adult in this room to supervise.  So far, so good.  I know I'll still have to keep an eye on it, of course.  I might buy it some cheap LED lights to represent candle flame.  Might be good practice.

With the possibility of them building their own shrines or altars, I'm kind of excited about that.  From a young age, even before Hestia came to me, I had set up my own little sacred spaces, made up of rocks--I was an avid collector of rocks when I was younger!  Always looking for the most interesting rocks, especially river stones and fossils!  Over the years, from kid to adult, I've collected some very interesting rocks from my explorations.  I have shell and animal fossils, woods, arrow heads, corals, old tools, and even a fish carving.  Oh, and so many river stones!

I made my little sacred spaces up of stones, other found gifts from natures, and favorite toys.  Our boys love being outside, already, so I'm eager to see what they might collect, what shrines and altars they might build.  I do plan on having a nature table, too--maybe make it like an Earth Shrine, or something dedicated to the seasons?  Educational and spiritual.

My old shrine to Artemis and the Spirit Animals was more like a Nature Table, I displayed my found gifts and honor the Spirits and Deity who gave them.  It'll be exciting to display it again and share it with my kids, for us to build it together.

Spirit Animal Shrine 2011

Artemis' Shrine from March 2015

Ah, it'll be awesome.  Especially since I'll add education nature books, especially those to help us learn about the local natural world, and some tools, like magnifying glasses and other things.  Growing up, I had the cheaper plastic sets for young explorers, it'll be fun to do the same for our children, too.  

Do any of you have nature tables for your children?  Perhaps their own sacred spaces for their found gifts?  

Or perhaps you pray with your little ones?

The Sibling Struggle Continues

Lately, Wolfman has been climbing into Warrior's bed at night, which upsets the little one to no end.  We move big brother out, big brother climbs back when.  Now, whenever it's night night time, Warrior happily climbs onto big brother's bed, wanting to let him have the crib.  Although hubby thinks Wolfman just wants to sleep near his little brother...

Before he could climb the rail, Wolfman would sleep beside the crib.

I dunno.

So we thought about converting the crib to the toddler bed, except some genius either left the piece we need for that at the house or they tossed it, not seeing it's importance.  Either way we don't have the piece we need!  After finding the booklet that came with the bed, it would cost us more to get the part than to just buy a compact toddler bed.

Converter beds seems like a good idea, until it comes time to convert it.  Especially, when it's time to upgrade from toddler to full size?  No, the size goes from toddler to twin.  In my family, you don't move up to full until you're either a teen or you're out of the house and buying it yourself.  It's like a rite of passage!  Not only that, but then you realized that basically all you have is a head and foot board!  Everything else has to be bought!  Eff that mess.  I just wish we would've known that before we bought the damn thing (before my mom bought the damn thing).  Would've been cheaper to invest in a regular crib.

Aside from that hurdle, the crib is also missing a couple screws, due to the boys jumping on it.  And Wolfman did something with the screws, because we haven't been able to find them...  We're going to have to fix it by the time the next kid comes around.

And I asked the hubs when we're going to try for the next one.  I don't want Warrior and the next one to be too far apart...we both want another one, but hubs is beating about the bush.  I agree that we need to take care of some financial issues first, but time isn't on our side.  I thought we might start when Warrior turns 2, or at the most 3, but I'm getting nowhere with my husband who just wants to "talk about it later".

Are we going try for the next kid soon?  If not, or if you've changed your mind, let me know so we can start donating this baby stuff.  We'd have so much more room if he'd make up his mind.  I'd love to try one more time for a girl, but that requires actually trying.

Aside from that annoyance, I think this might be the bed that we're going to buy for Warrior:
P'kolino Safari Adventure Toddler Bed.  Or something similar that still follows that theme.  So far, Warrior is really into animals, balls, Bubble Guppies, and Peppa Pig.  Animals it is!
With the upgrade, I'll really be able to transform their room a little bit, since I won't have the worry of Wolfman putting large toys in the crib, on top of his brother.  I'll be able to move the toddler couch upstairs, along with all of their stuffed animals--they got some BIG stuffed animal this past holiday!  Our living room just isn't that large.  I'll also be able to get or make a book shelf for them, too.  Try to get into the habit of reading to them for bedtime.  Although we do that now, as they bring us books  sometime before night night time.  
Oh, and tomorrow we're starting potty training.  I think Wolfman is ready, since he's playing potty when we're not even in there now.  Fingers crossed!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

"SNOW! I gotta get outside, Mommy!"

"Lycan, I have a surprise for you. Look outside."

Running to the door, he throws back the curtain and gasps, "Mommy! It's SNOW!!! I gotta go play in the snow! I need a new diaper, my pants, my jacket, put on socks, my snow boots, my coat...."

My Winter Baby has been waiting for snow, in case you couldn't tell.


Tuesday, January 5, 2016


So turns out what was making Lycan feverish and later puking a day or so later, was a stomach virus.  The boys have been battling diarrhea since before Christmas, I suspected that they caught something from my step dad's family get together on the 19th.  This was concreted when my mom told me that my step dad's been fighting a stomach virus since before Christmas.

Both boys have had spurts--literally--of diarrhea.

Both boys have had snotty noses (from their visiting cousins).

Last week, Lycan had a small fever, then threw up a couple days later.

Yesterday morning, Vinny was throwing up.  But, like Lycan, it didn't last as long.

Then last night, around 8 pm, I got hit with the virus, explosive vomit (it made my nose bleed!) and diarrhea.  It was horrible (I clogged my bathtub)!  The puking lasted for 8 hours and the diarrhea stopped around 9 pm tonight.  I was so weak and feverish this morning that my husband had to come home.  Clammy skin, really hot one moment, freezing cold the next, sweating.  So very dehydrated.  I could barely take care of the kids.  For a while, I was worried that I might need to go to the hospital because I wasn't able to keep anything down...or in.  I was so dehydrated.  But, despite the mess--I needed to carry towels with me, everywhere I sat--I kept drinking water.  Around 5 pm, my appetite came back so I ate a bit of toast, then some chicken noodle soup.  (So thankful that my mom took the boys for a couple of hours this evening...and brought the bleach, lysol, and draino).

So now, I'm really sore and my throat hurts, but I'm no longer dehydrated, starved, or weak.  I've been cleaning, too.  Disinfecting everything.  Although I did over-exert my self a little earlier.  I had to stop.

But, when my husband came home, he threw up.  He said that he'd had diarrhea all day, but he's only puked once today.  But he's been really weak and sore all day, too.  I hope he doesn't have it as bad as I did.  And I really hope that the kids are done.

Let's be done with this bout of yuckiness, please!  I've had the stomach virus 2-3 times before, but this was the worst bout yet.  I really hope it doesn't last for 2 weeks.