Thursday, December 1, 2016

Knock On Wood

Warrior's been potty training for a couple of weeks, and although it's been inconsistent with the holidays, travel, and diarrhea, he's been doing really well so far.  Better than his brother did.  But still early.

As Wolfman, we've decided to have his birthday on the 17th and make it Thomas the Train themed, as I originally planned.  He's going to love it either way, as long as it's something he loves.  The boys have really been into trains lately.

Today's the Noumenia--Hellenic Polytheism festival day that honors the Household Gods--so I've been trying to find the motivation to organize and move my yarn tower, so I can put up the Yule luck so far.  Perhaps after the gym tonight?

Ugh, the boys have gotten into a nasty habit of ripping up their books.  Even after watching me throw them away, it's like a goal for them now.  Warrior just brought me a book asking me to read it, and I told him no because it's broken.  I can't read a broken book and daddy can't fix it.  Hopefully that will sink in with him.  Wolfman uses the books as train tracks for his trains....hopefully he'll see that he can't build his tracks if he keeps ripping up his books.  Fingers crossed.  Although I may just collect them all up as punishment.

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