Saturday, December 17, 2016

Just Gotta Keep Chuga Chugaing Along!

Had a very long day.  It started with my husband's--he calls it determination, I call it stupidity--challenge of the Level 1 icy road conditions.  He was going to go into work this morning, and didn't see the signs as he spent 10 minutes chipping thick ice off of the car, which woke me up.  Then, he woke me up again, saying that he needed help getting the car out of a ditch.

I was not prepared for how icy it was this early morn. Treacherous.  I wasn't a fan of him this morning, but we got out of the ditch, after he clipped layers of ice off of the road for foot holds.  We tried driving to the entrance of our complex and couldn't make it.  So we tried backing up into the exit.  Nope, and we almost landed ourselves in another ditch.  We were trapped on a little stretch of road.  And several 4WD vehicle drove passed us.  Didn't bother to stop and ask if we needed help or anything.


Anyway, we sat there, in the middle of the road, stuck.  Then we saw a vehicle crazy enough to come down the hill.  We freaked, and moved out of the way, not caring that we were stuck in the ditch. Then red and blue lights came on and I was so happy.  It was a cop.  One of our neighbors called them, and I am so thankful.

The cop said that our road was so bad that the salt trucks couldn't drive down it, so the road was closed at both ends (river on one end, big hill on the other).  He set up flares and cones, and we went back home to warm up and sleep.  Hubby was able to get it out around noon.

No injuries, no damages--although hubs slipped and fell a lot and had to hulk the car out of the ditch the first time, leaving him very sore.  We focused on Wolfman's birthday--weather was NOT getting in the way!

Everything worked out.  We only had the grandparents and two friends and their minion, and it was fun.  You know you're a parent, when you're standing around talking about toddler shows.  lol.  It was great, though.  And I finally get a little bit about why some people like train sets.  It's relaxing, and fun to apply personalities to the trains, especially when you watch those shows and the toys' match their character's traits.

That and to see the joy on our children's faces was priceless.

 The party favor boxes.  I'm very glad that I stopped at the Dollar Tree first, because these were perfect.  I filled them with a plastic train and track, chocolate coal, two juice boxes, and two packs of graham crackers with vehicle shapes on them.

Instead of giving two to my kids (they already had a enough stuff from attending a Christmas party earlier), I gave them to my BIL, who stopped by later, for his kids.

The kids' favorite part of the party was the motorized train set on the table.  Wolfman certainly loved it.

Just gotta have a little bit of faith in people and the situation.

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