Monday, December 12, 2016

December Birthdays

Here's a soft spoken, yet in your face alarm clock. Every morning, I wake up to this: "Mommy, put Tow Mater on. Put Tow Mater on. Put Tow Mater on. Put Tow Mater on. Put Tow Mater on. Mommy, put Tow Mater on. Put Tow Mater on. Put Tow Mater on. I want Tow Mater, Mommy." Repeats until I do it. Sometimes he asks for others, like "Paw Datrol", Toy Story, Monsters School (MU), "Mr. Indecredables", The Frozen movie, Peppa, Bubble Guppies, and so on.... But yeah, same thing. Soft, but no less annoying.

Saturday is Wolfman's Thomas and Friends 4th birthday party.  We got him the Emily train to open.  My mom bought him a train set that I'm going to set up on the table and put the food and what not, in the open spaces, all around the cake.  The cake is going to be a cupcake cup from Walmart, that hubby's going to order later today (hate Walmart, but I love their cakes.  I only shop at Walmart twice a year for birthday cakes).  I'll totally be able to work the track into the cake design. The cake is cute. Wolfman's going to love it.

Food wise, we're going to have the cake, pizza, and either a tray of bananas, apples, and berries, or a veggie tray of green peppers, carrots,and ranch dip.  As well as apple juice for the kids.  Which I don't even know how many kids we're going to have this year.  No one's been replying to the invitations.  I don't believe that we're going to have a lot of people, so not doing as much as I'd usually do.

December birthdays are just depressing.  People usually have others things going on, or they wait until the very last minute to see if they anything else going on before telling you anything.  For me, I'm typically a first come, first serve type of person when it comes to invites.  That's how I was raised.  Sometimes I have a hard time when someone just waits for a better invite, like a friend of mine does.  It's annoying.

Course this friend also has a habit of getting my hopes up, then blowing me at the last minute.  I think I might be a little scarred, come to think of it...  Why are we still friends, again?

If you don't want to come, just be honest.  You're wasting my time and my money (now I ain't the type who charges people out of spite or pettiness).  I plan things early, invite in a timely manner to let family know, hey we're having his party on this day, please don't plan anything.  Usually some family members ignore that, then expect us to reschedule, despite that ours was planned first.  Like my step dad planned his family gathering on our day AGAIN.  Luckily, they had it early enough that we just moved it to 5 pm, instead of 2 pm.

Not to mention, it's December!  There's a lot of gift giving going on.  But I always add that you don't have to bring anything.  Just yourselves.  Wolfman will be happy just seeing you there.  We can't always afford gifts for others kids, so I don't expect people to give ours gifts.  My kids love seeing you, and that's enough.

It's December, there's a lot of holiday parties going on!  I don't mind so much with my friends, as I do with my family.  I expect certain family to be there.  And I get it, it's a 4-year-old's birthday party, no booze, no adult fun.  Just let me know, though.  I don't care about your reasons, just give me a timely response, so I can plan accordingly.

Courtesy, a dying art.

And it's December....knowing from experience, some people suffer from seasonal depression.  Which is one of the reasons why I'm stressing, because of my own depression rearing it's ugly head around this time.

December can also be a rather sad and/or stressful month for people.

Annoying.  I feel bad for my kid.  I thought doing it early would be better than New Year's Eve, which is when my friend is having her son's birthday.  I, for one, am looking forward to the Thomas and the Minions birthday parties this month.  At least one kid-the little Minion--for sure, is going to be there.  But I guess, I picked the worst time for a kid's birthday party.  Just before Christmas.  Idiot.

Honestly, if it's just three kids, then I'll have more money to spend on making those three pails awesome, right?

Also, Wolfman just called our tree is Yulemas tree.  Score.

Oh, good, a family member just gave me their answer.  :-)  One down, ten to go.

May my kid never know the disappointment of having a December birthday.  Let mommy handle all of that behind the scenes, while you have a fantastic party, with lots of awesome memories.

On his actually birthday, on the 28th, we're going to do something special.  Just mommy, daddy, Warrior, and the birthday boy.

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