Thursday, December 15, 2016

Daily December Debate

Everyday, Wolfman and I get into a debate about what our holiday tree is called.  He says "Christmas".  I say "Yule" or "Yulemas".  A couple of days ago, I got him to say "Yulemas" and he actually agreed with me.  Then he went over to grandma's and came back saying, "Great grandma has a Christmas tree!  Grandma has a Christmas tree!  We have a Christmas tree!"

He's very stubborn about this....don't know where he gets that from.....  ;-)

Damn mainstream media, teaching only one holiday.  Although most mainstream that I watch, Christmas is secular and all about charity and Santa, which is how it mostly is with my mom.  Christmas, for her, is secular, about the family, and especially the children.  Joy, fun, warmth, and good food.

We're trying to teach them that some people have Christmas and Santa, but not everyone.  We have Yule and the Winter Solstice (on top of those, I also have the Poseidea).  Santa--one of many Spirits of Giving--doesn't come to our house, but Odin (Norse God) and the Julbock (Scandinavian Spirit of Charity) do.  But Santa does go to Grandma and Great Grandma's house because they do celebrate Christmas.

It's not one or the other.  We have Yule at home, then Christmas a couple of days later with grandma.

It'll click eventually, especially as we do more Yule, Winter Solstice, Odin, Sleipnir, and the Julbock arts&crafts and stories (and the other Spirits of Charity and winter holidays).  I've been sick all December and haven't had the energy to really do anything, other than decorate the house and debate with Wolfman about the tree.  On Yule Eve, I plan on reading them some stories about the Oak and Holly King, and the magik of our Spirits of Charity.

I know that some parents burst the bubble for their kids about Santa, but I like the idea of calling him a Spirit.  Some people--kids and adults--believe in him and some don't.  It's ain't right for others to go around and tease people about their beliefs, even about Santa, or hell, the Easter Bunny, ya know?  You wouldn't like it if someone teased you about believing in your Gods and Spirits (if you have them), so why's it okay to do that to someone else?

Although if my kids choose to not believe in Santa, Odin, or any other Spirits and Gods, that's their choice.  I, for one, ain't gonna burst their bubble because he's not part of our home traditions and paths.  I also will tell them that some people--kids and adults--believe and others don't (for various reasons).  Believe what you want to believe in, don't let others bully you into their beliefs.

Believe what you want....just know what our darn tree is called!  :-)

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