Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Blessed Sabbat

I had a lovely night.  The kids loved their costumes.  Wolfman went as Blaze from Blaze and the Monster Machines and Warrior went as Chase from Paw Patrol.  Wolfman was super into it!  Racing up people's drive ways and making driving sounds.  After getting candy, he'd race down to Daddy and say, "High tire!"  for a high five.  It was great.  He's still lovin his tires.

He got so many compliments on his costume, especially his tire hands.  We saw quite a few Chase's and Marshall's, but only one Blaze!

Trick or Treating with Grandma
October 31, 2016

Warrior had fun, too, especially when he'd run into other kids dressed as the Paw Patrol.  He'd look at them in awe and say, "Paw Datrol, Mommy!"  It was real cute.

As the sun went down, Wolfman said, "Sun went night night.  Time to go back to the car and go to bed!"

Ha, my step brother said, "Damn, can we trade kids?  How'd you train em to do that?"
Easy, we told em that when the sun goes night night, they go night night.  (Their bedtime is 7:30 - 8pm).  Anytime we're out and it gets dark, Wolfman is all about going night night.

After the kids went to bed, hubby and I did our handfasting spell for another year of devoted, faithful love, and all that mushy stuff.  Here's our altar, celebrating our love, and honoring Aphrodite and Hera.  I gave offerings of lavender tea and chocolate.  I read Them both hymns.

Handfasting Altar

At first, I was just going to include Aphrodite, but then I felt it'd be disrespectful, as a Hellenic Polytheist, to not include Hera.  After the conversation with one of my business partners on Sunday, what Poseidon said to me about the myths really clicked--again--and especially this morning, I woke up with a clean slate concerning Hera.  I'm looking forward to learning about Her, instead of other perspectives of Her from the myths.

In general, after last night, I feel closer to the Theoi than before.

After sex and a shower, I veiled and got to honoring the Ancestors and the Death Gods and Psychopomps.

Only those who had good intentions for myself and my family were allowed to enter the house and join the ritual.  I celebrated the lives of my Ancestors and honored their Spirits, thanking them for any good they continue to give to myself, my family, and relatives.  I included family that I didn't know, that I did know, friends, pets, and others from countless lives lived.

In the photo is a little generic Native American figure that I painted years ago to honor my Cherokee, Shawnee, and Choctaw ancestors.  In honoring them, I also prayed for the Natives in North Dakota.  Yesterday, I believe, many people in my feed were checking themselves in at Standing Rock to help the Water Protectors.  I asked if I should also do it, and received a very strong, emotional yes from the Ancestors.  I was blanketed in warmth--just as I am now, writing this--feeling their emotions and their love.  I did my little part in supporting the tribes.  I wish I could do more, but the Ancestors say that prayers and my role as Healer is good enough right now.  Do what you can.  Show support.  Pray.  Send energy, send love, strength, and courage to the people who're peacefully protesting and to the Spirits who're fighting this injustice.

I gave all of the ancestor's present offerings of apple juice, tequila, and chocolate.

The Death Gods I honored were Hecate, Persephone, Hades, Thanatos, and countless others of the Underworld.  I also honored the hard working Psychopomps, especially Hermes.  For Them, I gave offerings of milk, pomegranate seeds, dark chocolate, and strawberry jam.  Ooo, next year, I should provide coins for Charon the Ferryman....and use a ghostly steam train to represent Him.

Then I moved to Hestia (which, I meant to honor Her after the ancestors, but I was in the moment).  After I gave Her of offerings of salted flour into the flame, I asked for blessings over my new batch of khernips, giving Her lavender tea as thanks.  I cleansed the house and myself with sage, and read Her a hymn.

Then I threw open the curtain and turned to the sky, and although I couldn't see Sister Moon, I read a hymn to Selene.

To Dionysus and Ceres' shrine I went to celebrate the Third Harvest.

Here, I also honor the Gods and Spirits of the Harvest, of Agriculture, Farming, and Hunting: Dionysus, Ceres, Demeter, Artemis, Death, and all of Their retinue.  I gave offerings of grain, barley, olive oil, honey, pomegranate seeds, and hot tamale candy.  Since I didn't have any red libations, I use the candy, because it was red and kind of phallic looking.  I thanked Them for the bounty They've bestowed on my family and community, and looked forward to next years sacrifices and bounty's.

Yesterday, for one of my Daily Posts for Circle of Wolves, I wrote a piece on one of Dionysus' sacred animals, and this sentence sums up Dionysus' sacrifice each Harvest:

"The bull is a selfless animal that sustains life through its sacrifice and slaughter. Accordingly, the bull animal totem symbolizes nourishment and the need to create new life. They know their purpose in this life and accept it with grace." - Sun Signs

I read a hymn to Dionysus, about tearing down and rebuilding, and I got really emotional when I read it, too.  Half read aloud, half in my head.  I got emotional because of the changes that I've been going through lately.  Shedding the old me, being renewed, walking a new path, and all that.  I did a bit of reflection last night, standing there, all grateful and stuff.

After the hymn, I ate my share of the pomegranate seeds with the Ancestors and Gods, and drank my share of the lavender tea with Hestia, Aphrodite, and Hera.

Then I continued on with the rest of my Noumenia duties, like refilling the kathiskos and asking for Zeus Tsesios (I think is the spelling?) for His blessings over our pantry and household prosperity.  Then, I honored the Household Gods, giving them an offering of honey.

With all rituals done, I ate a bowl of hearty chicken vegetable soup and a salad, and finished editing and copyrighting photos.  That took me a couple of hours.

Speaking of photos, after I hit "publish" on yesterday's post, my partner contacted me, saying that we have another booking!  November's going to be a busy month for us, and I'm very happy about that!


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