Sunday, October 23, 2016

New Plan

Turns out, us trying to get two Metal Gear Solid costumes together for the boys (let alone four), was just too expensive, so we nixed that idea.  Using whatever's laying about the house, I threw together a Cleric costume for D&D last night.  I plan on wearing it for Trick or Treat and the Samhain party, too.  What's hubby going to wear?  No idea.  He usually half-asses something.

So tossing the MGS idea, we asked Wolfman what he wanted to be for Halloween.  He said, "Blaze!"  So Blaze from the Monster Machines he is.  And now he has matching tennis shoes to go with his costume.  As for Warrior, we chose Chase from Paw Patrol, since he likes that show.

In other news, Wolfman is doing well with potty training.  He did have an accident a couple of days ago, after months of none.  You'll have that.  We haven't started training Warrior yet, despite that hubby keeps saying, "This weekend, we're gonna start.  This weekend."  I'd rather wait until the winter holidays, that way, hubby will be home for a week.  Or wait until his 3rd birthday, like we did with his brother.  Either way, I am and am not looking forward to it.  I, like many others, hate those early frustrating stages of potty training.  So stressful, but necessary.

Thank you, Cathy for your comment on the last blog.  I agree.  Resilience has been a major lesson and theme for me these last couple of years.  I was always told to Persevere by my Guides.  Perseverance has been replaced with Re silence.  I am Resilient.  :-)

(Sadly, I'm still not able to reply to comments on my blog.  Darn those inexplicable technical difficulties!)

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