Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Grief and Heart Work Projects

Went out and took advantage of a yarn sell this weekend. I bought a thing of soft, bulky brown Bernat (<-sp?), a purple for my mom's throw, and a fall green and brown for another throw that I want to make for myself.  Although I wish I had red, too....

Even though I already have....throw, pot holder, cookie monster bag, octopus, barn bag...I think that's it....6 projects going already, I started on a Miscarriage Memorial Animal for one of my friends.  It was supposed to be a teddy bear, but the shape of the ears alone changed it to a cat.  That's fine, she likes cats!  I'm going to crochet and sew an awareness ribbon around its neck.  I may make another for her living son, as well.  And make it more durable, just in case he gets a hold of it, but I want to make them a pair.

Since I'm not using any patterns or tutorials, I'm definitely learning from my mistakes with this bear-cat!  Good thing I'm making another right after, to apply what I'm learning, like when you're working with such small bits, to sew on the eyes and nose before you seam it up (not closed up, I left the ends open before I put the eyes and nose on)!  Oh, and make sure the button eyes are sew on in a way that it doesn't make the face look pissed off.  This cat looks so mad, lol.  I thought about sewing in a smile, but then I had closed up the head already, so, next time, I guess!

I also bought some fabric so I can learn how to make divination pouches from fabric--quicker projects.  And sewing practice, I needs it.  That's one of the reasons why I chose to have a lot of sewing going on with the bear-cat.  That and sewing looks better than a yarn seam, it just disappears into the fluff of this particular yarn. 

Plus, I want to start making rag dolls and animals from cloth and t-shirts for Memorial pieces.  I'd like to start a business of Memorial things for Grief Work and Heart Work.  To spread this healing into the world.  Some things I'll sell and others I'll do for charity. 

I was going to make arms and legs, but I may just make a tail to save on yarn for the bear.  Oh man, she used an elephant theme--I think--for her son.  Too bad I didn't see any gray Bernat yarn...maybe I'll go back this weekend and look again (after I double check, because I know that another friend has elephants for her son, too).  I also want red for my throw too....and I need a better variety of buttons for eyes and noses, too.

I'm going to be finishing this cat today, starting on the bear, and hopefully getting another block on my mom's throw down, too. Oh, this is the hot mess that is my mom's throw so far:

I started making it in my early months of learning crochet and I didn't know crap about the different types of yarns and how they might affect the width and length of your projects.  It's tapered and I'm wiser now!  I mom oughta like it....she better anyway.  If nothing else, she can or I can turn it into a pillow or pillow case....  But I've been working on this project for over a year, I am finishing it before the winter holidays for her gift!

I hope yall are doing well!

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  1. My best friend crochets and I usually ship her yarn (she lives several states away) when I find it on sale. She makes throws, donating them to women's shelters and such. I like your creations.