Friday, September 30, 2016

I Hate Having Neighbors

Cannot wait until we can move into a house, for this very reason:

Dear Old Crotchety Neighbors,
Please stop pounding on the walls. All of that pounding is just annoying, and you don't want to annoy a Witch. I have toddlers and share weak floor boards with you. You pound on the wall because my kids are dancing or running from room to room. Because they're crawling on the floor racing their trucks. Because they're playing, and they're not even being loud! I know when they're being loud, because I'm trying to teach the the difference between indoor and outdoor volumes. The things that you're pounding for, aren't that loud.
I can feel and hear you going up and down your stairs at ridiculous times of the night. I can feel and hear you walking from room to room. Gods, not to mention that horrid smell that permeates through the weak walls of downstairs restrooms, and the conversations that I can hear you having in that same restroom, clucking gossip and judgmental shit talking! Yet, I'm not pounding on the walls, like a child. You don't want to be woken up by my kids at 8-9 in the morning, go to bed earlier or move to a home without weak flooring.

Well, one of many--like my fire worry....someone's apartment catching fire and affecting mine, too.  It's not a good thought, especially since whomever built this place didn't seem to think about fires and exits.

Well, the neighbors could be worse.  A lot worse.

But soon we'll have our Hopeful Homestead with chickens and goats, and no nearby neighbors.  Where my kids can play and be kids.  We'll have freedom and privacy.  I won't have to worry about assholes stealing and breaking things on my patio or porch.  I just gotta hold out a little longer.  It'll be worth it.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Paw Patrol Again

Looks like we're having another Paw Patrol birthday for Wolfman this year!  I asked him what he wanted his theme to be, because I was thinking of construction or Thomas the Train.  Nope, he said, "Paw Datrol!"  Can't complain, I had Lion King three years in a row!

At least this time, it'll be easier to get it all together, since Nickelodeon actually has the birthday set out now (which, might I add, came out AFTER his birthday.  I was very annoyed).  If you remember for his 2nd birthday, I had to put a theme together:

Thank the internet for the inspiration!

I think this year, I'm going to add a little candle blessing to his birthday candle, for protection, kindness, and developmental growth.  Include Hestia (as Matron of the house) and Hecate (as protector of my children) with this little candle spell.

,,,,probably do party cup favors this year....with sticker, coloring page, crayons, Scooby Doo graham cracker bones, and something else....

Oh, good, I do still have those dog bowls....or I think I do...I hope...  :-/

Well, I have time to pull it all together.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Capture Your Grief Healing Project

I participated in the Day of Hope in August, by crocheting Nathan his first prayer flag,

For October, in addition to doing the Wave of Light on the 15th, I'm also going to be participating in CarlyMarie Project Heal's Capture Your Grief, through photography:

I'll create another page above for him and include all of these special things that I've created for him.  I invite you to join me in the journey of healing.

Also Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep has a banner and a bit of information about October and the Wave of Light, as well.