Friday, July 22, 2016

Progress and Nests

I was a worry wort for nothing.  Wolfman had a great time.  Everyone came home, safe and sound.

Wolfman's also doing better with night potty training, although he regressed a bit last week with pooping in his underwear, but no accidents this week!

Warrior is still in diapers.  No progress has been made with him on that front.  I kind of just want to wait until Wolfman has it down before starting with his little brother.  But I really hope that Warrior get potty training faster than his brother.  We started in February or March with Wolfman and yeah, this week, I think, was the first week without any accidents, day or night.  A little bit of progress.  Really really hoping little bro is going to be smoother.

He's already showing interest by getting up on the toilet without help or being told to, with his diaper on, mind you.  Tried it without once and he said it was scary.

Another way that my boys are opposites from each other:

Wolfman sleeps with EVERYTHING on his bed.  Blankets, pillows, toys, clothes.  Just random stuff.  He like to build a nest, really.

Warrior likes NOTHING on his bed.  Not even a fitted sheet.  Just his blanket, maybe his quilt, and his binkie (which we are going to start weaning him off of, which is going to be a battle, since it was so easy with his brother).

I've also been thinking about involving the kids a little bit in the ritual for the First Harvest coming up on the 1st.  I dunno, yet.  Still in the works.  Obviously due to their ages, it wouldn't be something complicated.  Like maybe let them shakes the rattles as I walk the house with the sage to cleanse our home.  Let them pour the seed for the wildlife offerings, simple things like that.

Do any of you involve your younger children in ritual or spell work?

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