Wednesday, July 13, 2016

"Big Boss" is a Household Name in Our Nest

And it wasn't intentional!  The Metal Gear Solid game series is one of my favorites (definitely hubby's favorite), and apparently our boy's too!  Wasn't intentional.  The kids have seen us play other games, like Fallout series, Skyrim, and Borderlands 2, but for some reason it's MGS they love.  Seems natural to have it as our family costume theme this year.

No joke.  Our toddlers.  Love.  Big Boss.  They'll crawl around on the floor, saying they're him.  It's awesome.  That's the extent of their Big Boss play, though.  We don't allow toy guns in the house, nor will I allow gun play, not until they're teens anyway, because I don't want them thinking that guns are toys.  I grew up around guns, as a hunter and from a military family.  Us kids were taught gun safety, and weren't allowed toy guns or gun play until we were mature enough.  Same line of thinking for our kids.

We also don't allow them to watch some of the more graphic/gorey/violent scenes in the series, either.  Except that one Paz scene that we weren't prepared for.  Scared the hell out of Wolfman.  I had to keep telling him that she was okay, Big Boss was going to get her a bandaid and she'd be okay!  He was fine after that.  (Another reason to hate Paz, I guess, lol.  I really don't like her.)

This happened a bit ago:

Wolfman, looking at my computer screen, "Look at all of the Big Bosses!  One, two, three, four.  Two!  There's two Big Bosses."
After counting the pictures, I said, "There's seven.  Seven Big Bosses."
"I love counting!"
"Well, that's good.  Counting's important.  You know, for Halloween, Daddy's going to be Big Boss and you're gonna be Solid Snake, and [Warrior]'s going to be Liquid."
"No.  I want to be Big Boss."
"[Wolfman] but Solid's better than Big Boss.  He beat him twice....sorta," Hubby.
"Oh.  Daddy is going to be Big Boss!  I gonna be Solid Snake!"
"Yeah!  Now you're getting it!"  I said.
"Now you just have to learn your line.  [Warrior] almost has his down," Hubby said.  "[Warrior] say, 'Not yet, Snake!  It's not over yet!'"
"Snake!  Come here, Snake!"
"Close enough," I laughed.
"Ok, [Wolfman] say, 'Age hasn't slowed me down one bit.'"
"Age hasn't slowed me dowwwwwn oooooooonnnneeeeeee BIT!"

Then I showed Wolfan the other characters, including my favorites, Ocelot and Kaz.  He'd say "Big Boss", "Solid Snake", and "Ocelot", but adamantly refused to say "Kaz" or "Miller", which I thought was funny, because my husband doesn't like Kaz either.  I have a love/hate thing with Miller.  I love the guy, but he's really incompetent, at least where combat, security, and child soldiers are concerned (got a head for business, though).  We make fun of him all of the time, hubby calls him Kaz the Spaz (despite that you pronounce "Kaz" as "cause".)  But I love the little hot head, too.  Didn't used to like him, until I heard about Miller's Maxi Buns.

Concerning Wolfman's apparent dislike of saying his name, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

We counted Venom Snake next, and Wolfman kept telling me that there were TWO BIG BOSSES!  Weeelllllll, he's definitely not wrong!  Although if you count his clones....lots of Big Bosses.

Long story short, we have our Halloween theme: Metal Gear Solid.  Hubby's going as older Big Boss, Wolfman, being of dark hair, is going as Solid Snake, and Warrior, our blonde, is going as Liquid Snake.  But me?  Eh, haven't made up my mind yet.

"Big Momma" EVA would make more sense, since she carried Solid and Liquid.  But then there's The Boss.....come on!  She's one of the best characters--if not, THE best--in the series!  Shame, we don't have a third boy, could make them a young Ocelot, then I really could be The Boss, since she's his momma.

I'll probably go with EVA though, even though I don't like her.  Crazy bitch.  Definitely too modest for Quiet,*and definitely ain't got the body for her!). Although I do like Meryl and Raging Raven.....probably be too much going into those costumes.  Although Naomi Hunter probably wouldn't be too expensive, and I like her way more than EVA. What would I need?  A white lab coat, black stockings, black skirt, and a button up shirt.

Older EVA's costume doesn't seem too difficult to put together, either....  Older EVA or Naomi, definitely have to find myself a happy modest middle there with their outfits.

Definitely not a shortage of women in the series....lots to pick from!

If all else fails, I'll go as Little Red Werewolf again....  But I kinda hope we can pull it together, it would be awesome, especially since we don't know how much longer Warrior's going to be a blonde!

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