Thursday, June 30, 2016

Night Train

Night Potty Training Lycan has begun:
"I know it's scary and new, but if when you learn, you're going to be big and strong like Daddy," Dave.
"But I want to be cute," Lycan.
"You'll be cuter."
"I don't want to be cuter. I just want to be cute Lycan."
"Lycan, grandma and paw paw will be so proud when as soon as you stop wearing diapers, though," me.
Thinking about it for a moment, "They will?"
"You'll be the cutest ever!" Dave.
"I just want to be cute."
Also potty training Vinny starts tomorrow. He already came down stairs and told Dave that he needed help peeing in the potty. Dave walked him through it, leaving his diaper on.
Lots of changes in the Wren household. So many messy messy changes.

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