Thursday, April 28, 2016

The New Plan

Got a new method to try, so that tomorrow I'm not ripping my hair out of my head...or scratching up my face.  Just wish that I didn't nap earlier, migraine induced or not.  Hubby pointed out that I'm not getting as much sleep as I thought, especially since this crazy weather has been upsetting my arthritis.  I'm not sleeping as well as I thought.  Waking up with achey joints and headaches.  Tis been a season of migraines for me, too.

Maybe it's mostly me and not just the kids?  The sore, exhausted, grouchy mama bear.

I may also meditate and smudge.  Clear the negativity from my self and home.  No, it won't cure my depression, but it might help a little bit.  Maybe I'll indulge in a bit of lavender tea, too.  That's one of the reason why I bought the stuff (aside from just loving it), to help with my bad days.

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