Thursday, April 28, 2016

Peppa Party

I got up at the butt crack of dawn this morning with these kids.  I'm tired but at least they didn't have a chance to destroy their room and my sanity, bit by bit.  If that's what it takes....

Warrior's birthday party is on Saturday and that's all Wolfman has been talking about, even wishing his little brother a happy birthday every morning.  Asking for balloons.  We gave the kids mini cupcakes on the 26th.  A little prelude.

Tomorrow they're getting much needed haircuts.  Hubby wants mohawks for both of them.  Hey, whatever helps to keep them cool in these warmer days, right?  Plus, Wolfman does look very cute with his hair all done up, spiky and such.

Saturday, we'll pick up the cake, hubby and drop me and Wolfman off, so he can take Warrior to get an ice cream and a Peppa Pig balloon, just like he did for Wolfman's 2nd and 3rd birthdays.  Then I'll decorate at my mom's house.

For the cake, I wanted it to look like a big ole muddy puddles with Peppa's family sitting in it, but the lady at Walmart didn't speak very good English, so there was quite the language barrier.  I just pointed at the Peppa cake they had in the book.  Not very happy with it, but it is what it is, right?Warrior's going to love it either way.  Still going to use the Little People's Barn as the background for the cake, like I did with the Look Out for Wolfman's Paw Patrol cake.

I'm also going to use the kid's Little People's tractor and zoo train as holders for napkins and utensils, and tie in Mummy and Daddy Pig in with those decorations.

As for activities, I was going to make hand kites, but settled for bubbles.  Although forecast is calling for rain on Saturday.  :-/  We'll see.

For party favors, because I love doing them, I'm giving packets of animals crackers, fruit snacks, apple sauce pouches, and little plastic farm animals.  I wanted to add in Peppa Pig Stickers, but couldn't find any in the stores, and couldn't get them here in time from Amazon.

Food, we're having veggie and meat tray, watermelon, chex mix, deviled eggs, and I bought the kids chocolate milk and apple juices boxes to represent "muddy puddles".

Knowing my mom, she's going to add her own touches to everything.  EVEN the party favors like she did at Wolfman's 3rd birthday.  I just hope we have a good turn out this birthday.  Always a worry for me, ain't it?  My BIL is going to be out of town, so that's cutting the kid count by two; luckily, one other kid will be taking their place.  So, including our own, that's about 6 kids, 7 if my niece is in town.   That's still a good turn out for us.  I planned for 8 kids.

Should be a great party.  Hoping that my depression doesn't ruin the weekend for me, or anyone else, for that matter.

Then Sunday, I'm attending a ADF public Beltane ritual.  It's family friendly, but I doubt that my kids could stay still or quiet during the ritual part and I don't want my husband to miss out on it.  Kiddies will hopefully be staying with grandma.

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