Saturday, April 30, 2016

Peppa Down On The Farm

This morning, after having two bad dreams about the party, I also had a divination session, which calmed my nerves.  The session basically told me to STOP WORRYING!  Everything's going to work out.

Only had one big flop, with freakin Party City running out of the Peppa Pig balloons.  Annoying.  When I checked last week, they said they had more than enough.  Lying bastards.  I doubt Peppa is that freakin popular in this area.  Whatever (I'm just bitter).  We settled for a fire truck balloon from Walmart, instead.

So this was it, Warrior's Peppa Down on the Farm Birthday Party:

Walmart Cupcake Cake.  I don't really care for 
Walmart, but I love their cakes!

Party Favors: Apple Sauce Pouches, Animal Crackers Packs,
Fruit Snacks, 2 Cutie Oranges, and a Farm Animal Toy.  

Eatin that cupcake like a boss.

Sneaking some icing as the party came to a close.

Minus him not liking being sang to, it was a pretty great turn out.  Everyone enjoyed themselves.  Happy 2nd Birthday Warrior!

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