Thursday, March 17, 2016

The March Rabby

Well, we're still potty training...there's been some improvement.  Wolfman has no problems peeing when he has to, but he hasn't started pooping yet.  Maybe it's fear, I dunno.  But the other day, I forgot to put his seat down and he almost fell in.  So if he wasn't afraid before, he probably is now.  Way to go, Mom.

So that's been fun.  We're waiting until he's poo trained before we start night training him.


The Spring Equinox is nearly upon us, but we've been too sick and snotty and yuck to really be able to enjoy the nice weather...or to perform my March Deep Cleanse of the house.  I've mostly been detoxing and upping the Vit C, and all that jazz.  Get all of us healthy again.

The most that I've done with the kids is make spring and Equinox coloring pages with them, and talk to them about the March Hare.  I have a picture of him taped to the wall next to my laptop.  So my kids get excited when they see him, even if it's mainly the excitement of seeing a bunny.  Warrior calls him the "Rabby", and Wolfman says, "March Rabbit."  "It's not a hair, mommy, it's a rabbit."  lol.

Come Equinox, I'll be making Irish Lamb Stew, bread, and carrot cake.  The kids are also getting little pails with yogurt bites, a chocolate egg, and a stuffed bunny.  I also am going to a public ritual with a friend, like last year.  Only this time, it'll be with a different Druid group.  This one will be honoring Artemis and Hephaestus, instead of Eostre, according to their Facebook invite.

Then I hope to get out to a park sometime from the 20 - 22.  And I want to talk to them about spring and make arts and crafts.  Hopefully we'll all be over this stupid cold.  Yuck.

I hope yall have a healthy equinox!

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