Thursday, March 31, 2016

Breaking Me Down

These kids are.  I just don't know what else to do?  We talked to them, yell at them, take toys and privileges away.  We've taken them to the park to run off their energy, but nothing's working.  I refuse to spank, because I don't believe it actually does anything except make the parent feel like they're doing something, and spread fear (keeping in mind that I was beaten as a kid, although my dad called it "spanking", and sometimes he could do it in such a way that it wouldn't leave marks.  Overall, I don't condemn others for doing it, as long as it's spanking and it actually works, that it just doesn't give you an outlet for your frustrations.  However, for us, it's not an option).

Past two months, they've:

  • Ripped off their closet doors, even after we installed child-locks on them.  These shitty walls are so weak that it didn't take much.  
  • They flipped over their dresser, moved it around the room and used it as a stool.  It's an big heavy wooden antique, too!  We literally had to strap the drawers close and anchor it to the closet rack.  
  • Now they're moving their beds around, removing the mattress and finding the weak spots.  How do you strap a bed down to a floor?  Because it's getting to that point.  
We don't have a lot of space to keep moving things around.  Our tiny hallway is cluttered with toys, extra blankets, clothes, and the closet doors, and other things we've already taken out of their room.  

I don't know what to do anymore.  Nothing's working.  And I'm getting tired of hearing, "Well, they're boys"  because girls can be just as destructive.  It's a fucking excuse and I'm tired of hearing it.  I've already tried many different suggestions from friends and websites.  

I don't know anymore.  

I've even taken time away from them, to do stuff for me.  Self care and mental health care, and nothing.  

Oh, Wolfman's potty training success?  Nope, this week he hasn't come to us at all.  Just does his business in his underwear.  

It's like they don't care.  They like getting yelled at.  We give them attention.  Read to them, play with them.  Take them to the parks.  Take them outside. We recently introduced time out which works for night night time and other times that they act out, but it doesn't have the same affect for bedroom destruction.  

I feel like I'm breaking.

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