Tuesday, January 5, 2016


So turns out what was making Lycan feverish and later puking a day or so later, was a stomach virus.  The boys have been battling diarrhea since before Christmas, I suspected that they caught something from my step dad's family get together on the 19th.  This was concreted when my mom told me that my step dad's been fighting a stomach virus since before Christmas.

Both boys have had spurts--literally--of diarrhea.

Both boys have had snotty noses (from their visiting cousins).

Last week, Lycan had a small fever, then threw up a couple days later.

Yesterday morning, Vinny was throwing up.  But, like Lycan, it didn't last as long.

Then last night, around 8 pm, I got hit with the virus, explosive vomit (it made my nose bleed!) and diarrhea.  It was horrible (I clogged my bathtub)!  The puking lasted for 8 hours and the diarrhea stopped around 9 pm tonight.  I was so weak and feverish this morning that my husband had to come home.  Clammy skin, really hot one moment, freezing cold the next, sweating.  So very dehydrated.  I could barely take care of the kids.  For a while, I was worried that I might need to go to the hospital because I wasn't able to keep anything down...or in.  I was so dehydrated.  But, despite the mess--I needed to carry towels with me, everywhere I sat--I kept drinking water.  Around 5 pm, my appetite came back so I ate a bit of toast, then some chicken noodle soup.  (So thankful that my mom took the boys for a couple of hours this evening...and brought the bleach, lysol, and draino).

So now, I'm really sore and my throat hurts, but I'm no longer dehydrated, starved, or weak.  I've been cleaning, too.  Disinfecting everything.  Although I did over-exert my self a little earlier.  I had to stop.

But, when my husband came home, he threw up.  He said that he'd had diarrhea all day, but he's only puked once today.  But he's been really weak and sore all day, too.  I hope he doesn't have it as bad as I did.  And I really hope that the kids are done.

Let's be done with this bout of yuckiness, please!  I've had the stomach virus 2-3 times before, but this was the worst bout yet.  I really hope it doesn't last for 2 weeks.

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