Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Sibling Struggle Continues

Lately, Wolfman has been climbing into Warrior's bed at night, which upsets the little one to no end.  We move big brother out, big brother climbs back when.  Now, whenever it's night night time, Warrior happily climbs onto big brother's bed, wanting to let him have the crib.  Although hubby thinks Wolfman just wants to sleep near his little brother...

Before he could climb the rail, Wolfman would sleep beside the crib.

I dunno.

So we thought about converting the crib to the toddler bed, except some genius either left the piece we need for that at the house or they tossed it, not seeing it's importance.  Either way we don't have the piece we need!  After finding the booklet that came with the bed, it would cost us more to get the part than to just buy a compact toddler bed.

Converter beds seems like a good idea, until it comes time to convert it.  Especially, when it's time to upgrade from toddler to full size?  No, the size goes from toddler to twin.  In my family, you don't move up to full until you're either a teen or you're out of the house and buying it yourself.  It's like a rite of passage!  Not only that, but then you realized that basically all you have is a head and foot board!  Everything else has to be bought!  Eff that mess.  I just wish we would've known that before we bought the damn thing (before my mom bought the damn thing).  Would've been cheaper to invest in a regular crib.

Aside from that hurdle, the crib is also missing a couple screws, due to the boys jumping on it.  And Wolfman did something with the screws, because we haven't been able to find them...  We're going to have to fix it by the time the next kid comes around.

And I asked the hubs when we're going to try for the next one.  I don't want Warrior and the next one to be too far apart...we both want another one, but hubs is beating about the bush.  I agree that we need to take care of some financial issues first, but time isn't on our side.  I thought we might start when Warrior turns 2, or at the most 3, but I'm getting nowhere with my husband who just wants to "talk about it later".

Are we going try for the next kid soon?  If not, or if you've changed your mind, let me know so we can start donating this baby stuff.  We'd have so much more room if he'd make up his mind.  I'd love to try one more time for a girl, but that requires actually trying.

Aside from that annoyance, I think this might be the bed that we're going to buy for Warrior:
P'kolino Safari Adventure Toddler Bed.  Or something similar that still follows that theme.  So far, Warrior is really into animals, balls, Bubble Guppies, and Peppa Pig.  Animals it is!
With the upgrade, I'll really be able to transform their room a little bit, since I won't have the worry of Wolfman putting large toys in the crib, on top of his brother.  I'll be able to move the toddler couch upstairs, along with all of their stuffed animals--they got some BIG stuffed animal this past holiday!  Our living room just isn't that large.  I'll also be able to get or make a book shelf for them, too.  Try to get into the habit of reading to them for bedtime.  Although we do that now, as they bring us books  sometime before night night time.  
Oh, and tomorrow we're starting potty training.  I think Wolfman is ready, since he's playing potty when we're not even in there now.  Fingers crossed!

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