Sunday, January 31, 2016


We started potty training Wolfman yesterday.  Put him in a pair of underwear (he was NOT into that, kept wanting his diaper), gave him a demonstration, walked him through it.  He does like his potty.  And he's loves to go over the steps.  Today, I think we got him to understand to come to us BEFORE he pees and poops.

For his last clean undies of the day, he so nearly made it to the bathroom.  If it wasn't for the baby gate, he would've made it.  That shows me that he's starting to get it...underwear is not a diaper.  You can't pee and poop in them.

Tomorrow, we go again.  Get up, change the diaper, put on the underwear, walk him back through how to use the potty and wash his hands, and keep an eye on him, ready with a towel and a bottle of lysol.  We've also been watching potty training videos for toddlers on Youtube, which helps him get excited about learning it.

Warrior's getting excited about it, too. Although he seems more excited about the toilet paper roll, so we're going to introduce him to the smaller potty (Lycan has that little portable toilet insert toddler potty seat...thing).

Any advice?

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