Thursday, January 28, 2016

Chef Wolfman

Lycan was really bent on helping me cook my eggs. I gave him two of mommy's tools, a cooking spoon and a mixing bowl.
"Okay, Spongebob."
"Mommy, bowl is empty. I gotta help you cook eggs."
"I know it's empty. Use your imagination."
"Mommy. Bowl is empty."
"Okay...AH, make me some tacos."
"Mommy, i have to help you cook egg."
"No, tacos. Here." I poured some tortilla chips in the bowl.
*Gasps* "Mommy, these are chippies."
"Yeah, make me some tacos....or nachos."
I turned around and heard stiriing, then crunch crunch munch crunch. I turned around and he was gone. Took the toast that I made for him and went upstairs. lol

Might be time for his own pretend foods and kitchen tools.

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