Saturday, December 17, 2016

Just Gotta Keep Chuga Chugaing Along!

Had a very long day.  It started with my husband's--he calls it determination, I call it stupidity--challenge of the Level 1 icy road conditions.  He was going to go into work this morning, and didn't see the signs as he spent 10 minutes chipping thick ice off of the car, which woke me up.  Then, he woke me up again, saying that he needed help getting the car out of a ditch.

I was not prepared for how icy it was this early morn. Treacherous.  I wasn't a fan of him this morning, but we got out of the ditch, after he clipped layers of ice off of the road for foot holds.  We tried driving to the entrance of our complex and couldn't make it.  So we tried backing up into the exit.  Nope, and we almost landed ourselves in another ditch.  We were trapped on a little stretch of road.  And several 4WD vehicle drove passed us.  Didn't bother to stop and ask if we needed help or anything.


Anyway, we sat there, in the middle of the road, stuck.  Then we saw a vehicle crazy enough to come down the hill.  We freaked, and moved out of the way, not caring that we were stuck in the ditch. Then red and blue lights came on and I was so happy.  It was a cop.  One of our neighbors called them, and I am so thankful.

The cop said that our road was so bad that the salt trucks couldn't drive down it, so the road was closed at both ends (river on one end, big hill on the other).  He set up flares and cones, and we went back home to warm up and sleep.  Hubby was able to get it out around noon.

No injuries, no damages--although hubs slipped and fell a lot and had to hulk the car out of the ditch the first time, leaving him very sore.  We focused on Wolfman's birthday--weather was NOT getting in the way!

Everything worked out.  We only had the grandparents and two friends and their minion, and it was fun.  You know you're a parent, when you're standing around talking about toddler shows.  lol.  It was great, though.  And I finally get a little bit about why some people like train sets.  It's relaxing, and fun to apply personalities to the trains, especially when you watch those shows and the toys' match their character's traits.

That and to see the joy on our children's faces was priceless.

 The party favor boxes.  I'm very glad that I stopped at the Dollar Tree first, because these were perfect.  I filled them with a plastic train and track, chocolate coal, two juice boxes, and two packs of graham crackers with vehicle shapes on them.

Instead of giving two to my kids (they already had a enough stuff from attending a Christmas party earlier), I gave them to my BIL, who stopped by later, for his kids.

The kids' favorite part of the party was the motorized train set on the table.  Wolfman certainly loved it.

Just gotta have a little bit of faith in people and the situation.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Daily December Debate

Everyday, Wolfman and I get into a debate about what our holiday tree is called.  He says "Christmas".  I say "Yule" or "Yulemas".  A couple of days ago, I got him to say "Yulemas" and he actually agreed with me.  Then he went over to grandma's and came back saying, "Great grandma has a Christmas tree!  Grandma has a Christmas tree!  We have a Christmas tree!"

He's very stubborn about this....don't know where he gets that from.....  ;-)

Damn mainstream media, teaching only one holiday.  Although most mainstream that I watch, Christmas is secular and all about charity and Santa, which is how it mostly is with my mom.  Christmas, for her, is secular, about the family, and especially the children.  Joy, fun, warmth, and good food.

We're trying to teach them that some people have Christmas and Santa, but not everyone.  We have Yule and the Winter Solstice (on top of those, I also have the Poseidea).  Santa--one of many Spirits of Giving--doesn't come to our house, but Odin (Norse God) and the Julbock (Scandinavian Spirit of Charity) do.  But Santa does go to Grandma and Great Grandma's house because they do celebrate Christmas.

It's not one or the other.  We have Yule at home, then Christmas a couple of days later with grandma.

It'll click eventually, especially as we do more Yule, Winter Solstice, Odin, Sleipnir, and the Julbock arts&crafts and stories (and the other Spirits of Charity and winter holidays).  I've been sick all December and haven't had the energy to really do anything, other than decorate the house and debate with Wolfman about the tree.  On Yule Eve, I plan on reading them some stories about the Oak and Holly King, and the magik of our Spirits of Charity.

I know that some parents burst the bubble for their kids about Santa, but I like the idea of calling him a Spirit.  Some people--kids and adults--believe in him and some don't.  It's ain't right for others to go around and tease people about their beliefs, even about Santa, or hell, the Easter Bunny, ya know?  You wouldn't like it if someone teased you about believing in your Gods and Spirits (if you have them), so why's it okay to do that to someone else?

Although if my kids choose to not believe in Santa, Odin, or any other Spirits and Gods, that's their choice.  I, for one, ain't gonna burst their bubble because he's not part of our home traditions and paths.  I also will tell them that some people--kids and adults--believe and others don't (for various reasons).  Believe what you want to believe in, don't let others bully you into their beliefs.

Believe what you want....just know what our darn tree is called!  :-)

Monday, December 12, 2016

December Birthdays

Here's a soft spoken, yet in your face alarm clock. Every morning, I wake up to this: "Mommy, put Tow Mater on. Put Tow Mater on. Put Tow Mater on. Put Tow Mater on. Put Tow Mater on. Mommy, put Tow Mater on. Put Tow Mater on. Put Tow Mater on. I want Tow Mater, Mommy." Repeats until I do it. Sometimes he asks for others, like "Paw Datrol", Toy Story, Monsters School (MU), "Mr. Indecredables", The Frozen movie, Peppa, Bubble Guppies, and so on.... But yeah, same thing. Soft, but no less annoying.

Saturday is Wolfman's Thomas and Friends 4th birthday party.  We got him the Emily train to open.  My mom bought him a train set that I'm going to set up on the table and put the food and what not, in the open spaces, all around the cake.  The cake is going to be a cupcake cup from Walmart, that hubby's going to order later today (hate Walmart, but I love their cakes.  I only shop at Walmart twice a year for birthday cakes).  I'll totally be able to work the track into the cake design. The cake is cute. Wolfman's going to love it.

Food wise, we're going to have the cake, pizza, and either a tray of bananas, apples, and berries, or a veggie tray of green peppers, carrots,and ranch dip.  As well as apple juice for the kids.  Which I don't even know how many kids we're going to have this year.  No one's been replying to the invitations.  I don't believe that we're going to have a lot of people, so not doing as much as I'd usually do.

December birthdays are just depressing.  People usually have others things going on, or they wait until the very last minute to see if they anything else going on before telling you anything.  For me, I'm typically a first come, first serve type of person when it comes to invites.  That's how I was raised.  Sometimes I have a hard time when someone just waits for a better invite, like a friend of mine does.  It's annoying.

Course this friend also has a habit of getting my hopes up, then blowing me at the last minute.  I think I might be a little scarred, come to think of it...  Why are we still friends, again?

If you don't want to come, just be honest.  You're wasting my time and my money (now I ain't the type who charges people out of spite or pettiness).  I plan things early, invite in a timely manner to let family know, hey we're having his party on this day, please don't plan anything.  Usually some family members ignore that, then expect us to reschedule, despite that ours was planned first.  Like my step dad planned his family gathering on our day AGAIN.  Luckily, they had it early enough that we just moved it to 5 pm, instead of 2 pm.

Not to mention, it's December!  There's a lot of gift giving going on.  But I always add that you don't have to bring anything.  Just yourselves.  Wolfman will be happy just seeing you there.  We can't always afford gifts for others kids, so I don't expect people to give ours gifts.  My kids love seeing you, and that's enough.

It's December, there's a lot of holiday parties going on!  I don't mind so much with my friends, as I do with my family.  I expect certain family to be there.  And I get it, it's a 4-year-old's birthday party, no booze, no adult fun.  Just let me know, though.  I don't care about your reasons, just give me a timely response, so I can plan accordingly.

Courtesy, a dying art.

And it's December....knowing from experience, some people suffer from seasonal depression.  Which is one of the reasons why I'm stressing, because of my own depression rearing it's ugly head around this time.

December can also be a rather sad and/or stressful month for people.

Annoying.  I feel bad for my kid.  I thought doing it early would be better than New Year's Eve, which is when my friend is having her son's birthday.  I, for one, am looking forward to the Thomas and the Minions birthday parties this month.  At least one kid-the little Minion--for sure, is going to be there.  But I guess, I picked the worst time for a kid's birthday party.  Just before Christmas.  Idiot.

Honestly, if it's just three kids, then I'll have more money to spend on making those three pails awesome, right?

Also, Wolfman just called our tree is Yulemas tree.  Score.

Oh, good, a family member just gave me their answer.  :-)  One down, ten to go.

May my kid never know the disappointment of having a December birthday.  Let mommy handle all of that behind the scenes, while you have a fantastic party, with lots of awesome memories.

On his actually birthday, on the 28th, we're going to do something special.  Just mommy, daddy, Warrior, and the birthday boy.

Sunday, December 4, 2016


Whew, finally!  Tree is up!

Big thanks to my mom for getting us a replacement tree stand!  Tree is up and it's finally starting to look like Yulemas around here...minus all of the stockings hanging.

Wolfman saw them hanging and said, "Mommy, why are socks on the wall?"
"They're stockings for Yule, buddy."
Laughing, "Socks go on our feet, not the wall!"  So they're wall socks now.

Like, we seriously have a lot of stocking hanging.  Some are store bought and themed, like the Cars for Wolfman and a kitty for Warrior.  Detriot Red Wings for hubby, and a Naughty/Nice for mommy.  The others are crocheted from my husband's grandmother and sister.  Gotta hang those!  This time of the year has a major emphasis on family, tradition, and charity.  What's more fitting than handmade stockings?  Even Nathan has a stocking up, with the family.  Then hanging by the door is one for the Julbocken and Sleipnir, that I'll put some carrots or oats inside of, as offering.  Odin gets fire whiskey, but I wait until the kids go to bed before I leave that offering out (way out of their reach).

In looking at my tree, I've made almost all of the ornaments on it. I think that as the kids start to grow out of certain toys, I'm going to take their favorites and turn a couple into ornaments, complete with the year.

Now I have to think of what I'm going to make for this year.... Maybe a Boov? I have Deadpool, some Harry Potter stuff, Paw Patrol and Buzz, Minions... Perhaps Boov and Blaze?
I may have the kids make ornaments this year, too.

Also another big thanks to my mom, who helped buy presents for the kids.  They're mostly getting toys this year, but I'm fine with that, since it was my mom who offered.  I graciously accepted, we were actually fine with just getting them one toy each, but my mom had other plans and wasn't going to take no for an answer.  Usually we do four gifts, something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read.  So this year, they have 3 toys each from grandma that we're giving to them on Yule (they have Christmas at her house, and get a few more), then from us a character bathing set, pj's, and a movie.

Most of our money is going to (aside from bills) Wolfman's birthday, Thomas the Train!  We already have a present for him, one of Thomas' friends, Emily.  All we'll need is the theme and cake.  Mom's getting pizza.  I guess she got him a train set with tracks, so we're going to put the tracks around the cake, and that'll be his big birthday gift, making the toy a part of the cake, like I've done with the Look Out and the Barn in birthday's past.

Definitely doing another cupcake cake, because those are fantastic.

Next year, I'll be making large stuffed monster truck tires with handles (inspired by the Blaze costume Wolfman wore for Halloween), and giving that as their toy gift.  I'd like to start emphasizing hand made gifts for Yule as they get older.  One of my friends does that with her children for Christmas and her kids are really appreciative of their gifts, and make gifts for each other.  It's pretty cool.

On the potty training front, Warrior is doing fantastic.  More and more he's asking us to remove his diaper so he can use the potty.  We only put it on him at night and for naps.  Then tonight, after night night, he called for daddy so he could use the potty!  He's more ready for night training than we are.  He still hasn't pooped in the potty yet, so we're waiting for more advanced stages until he does.

Lots of good things are happening right now.  Especially a huge blessing, in that my husband's garnishment will be paid off at the end of this year!  Hopefully we won't be scrimping by next year.  We'll actually be able to get back on track with our homestead plans, and not need financial help from family.

We're really blessed and thankful for all of the support and love from our family and friends.  It's been a tough year, emotionally and financially, but a lot of good things have also come from it, too.  So much growth and strength and love.

Blessings friends, hope your month is good.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Knock On Wood

Warrior's been potty training for a couple of weeks, and although it's been inconsistent with the holidays, travel, and diarrhea, he's been doing really well so far.  Better than his brother did.  But still early.

As Wolfman, we've decided to have his birthday on the 17th and make it Thomas the Train themed, as I originally planned.  He's going to love it either way, as long as it's something he loves.  The boys have really been into trains lately.

Today's the Noumenia--Hellenic Polytheism festival day that honors the Household Gods--so I've been trying to find the motivation to organize and move my yarn tower, so I can put up the Yule luck so far.  Perhaps after the gym tonight?

Ugh, the boys have gotten into a nasty habit of ripping up their books.  Even after watching me throw them away, it's like a goal for them now.  Warrior just brought me a book asking me to read it, and I told him no because it's broken.  I can't read a broken book and daddy can't fix it.  Hopefully that will sink in with him.  Wolfman uses the books as train tracks for his trains....hopefully he'll see that he can't build his tracks if he keeps ripping up his books.  Fingers crossed.  Although I may just collect them all up as punishment.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Blessed Sabbat

I had a lovely night.  The kids loved their costumes.  Wolfman went as Blaze from Blaze and the Monster Machines and Warrior went as Chase from Paw Patrol.  Wolfman was super into it!  Racing up people's drive ways and making driving sounds.  After getting candy, he'd race down to Daddy and say, "High tire!"  for a high five.  It was great.  He's still lovin his tires.

He got so many compliments on his costume, especially his tire hands.  We saw quite a few Chase's and Marshall's, but only one Blaze!

Trick or Treating with Grandma
October 31, 2016

Warrior had fun, too, especially when he'd run into other kids dressed as the Paw Patrol.  He'd look at them in awe and say, "Paw Datrol, Mommy!"  It was real cute.

As the sun went down, Wolfman said, "Sun went night night.  Time to go back to the car and go to bed!"

Ha, my step brother said, "Damn, can we trade kids?  How'd you train em to do that?"
Easy, we told em that when the sun goes night night, they go night night.  (Their bedtime is 7:30 - 8pm).  Anytime we're out and it gets dark, Wolfman is all about going night night.

After the kids went to bed, hubby and I did our handfasting spell for another year of devoted, faithful love, and all that mushy stuff.  Here's our altar, celebrating our love, and honoring Aphrodite and Hera.  I gave offerings of lavender tea and chocolate.  I read Them both hymns.

Handfasting Altar

At first, I was just going to include Aphrodite, but then I felt it'd be disrespectful, as a Hellenic Polytheist, to not include Hera.  After the conversation with one of my business partners on Sunday, what Poseidon said to me about the myths really clicked--again--and especially this morning, I woke up with a clean slate concerning Hera.  I'm looking forward to learning about Her, instead of other perspectives of Her from the myths.

In general, after last night, I feel closer to the Theoi than before.

After sex and a shower, I veiled and got to honoring the Ancestors and the Death Gods and Psychopomps.

Only those who had good intentions for myself and my family were allowed to enter the house and join the ritual.  I celebrated the lives of my Ancestors and honored their Spirits, thanking them for any good they continue to give to myself, my family, and relatives.  I included family that I didn't know, that I did know, friends, pets, and others from countless lives lived.

In the photo is a little generic Native American figure that I painted years ago to honor my Cherokee, Shawnee, and Choctaw ancestors.  In honoring them, I also prayed for the Natives in North Dakota.  Yesterday, I believe, many people in my feed were checking themselves in at Standing Rock to help the Water Protectors.  I asked if I should also do it, and received a very strong, emotional yes from the Ancestors.  I was blanketed in warmth--just as I am now, writing this--feeling their emotions and their love.  I did my little part in supporting the tribes.  I wish I could do more, but the Ancestors say that prayers and my role as Healer is good enough right now.  Do what you can.  Show support.  Pray.  Send energy, send love, strength, and courage to the people who're peacefully protesting and to the Spirits who're fighting this injustice.

I gave all of the ancestor's present offerings of apple juice, tequila, and chocolate.

The Death Gods I honored were Hecate, Persephone, Hades, Thanatos, and countless others of the Underworld.  I also honored the hard working Psychopomps, especially Hermes.  For Them, I gave offerings of milk, pomegranate seeds, dark chocolate, and strawberry jam.  Ooo, next year, I should provide coins for Charon the Ferryman....and use a ghostly steam train to represent Him.

Then I moved to Hestia (which, I meant to honor Her after the ancestors, but I was in the moment).  After I gave Her of offerings of salted flour into the flame, I asked for blessings over my new batch of khernips, giving Her lavender tea as thanks.  I cleansed the house and myself with sage, and read Her a hymn.

Then I threw open the curtain and turned to the sky, and although I couldn't see Sister Moon, I read a hymn to Selene.

To Dionysus and Ceres' shrine I went to celebrate the Third Harvest.

Here, I also honor the Gods and Spirits of the Harvest, of Agriculture, Farming, and Hunting: Dionysus, Ceres, Demeter, Artemis, Death, and all of Their retinue.  I gave offerings of grain, barley, olive oil, honey, pomegranate seeds, and hot tamale candy.  Since I didn't have any red libations, I use the candy, because it was red and kind of phallic looking.  I thanked Them for the bounty They've bestowed on my family and community, and looked forward to next years sacrifices and bounty's.

Yesterday, for one of my Daily Posts for Circle of Wolves, I wrote a piece on one of Dionysus' sacred animals, and this sentence sums up Dionysus' sacrifice each Harvest:

"The bull is a selfless animal that sustains life through its sacrifice and slaughter. Accordingly, the bull animal totem symbolizes nourishment and the need to create new life. They know their purpose in this life and accept it with grace." - Sun Signs

I read a hymn to Dionysus, about tearing down and rebuilding, and I got really emotional when I read it, too.  Half read aloud, half in my head.  I got emotional because of the changes that I've been going through lately.  Shedding the old me, being renewed, walking a new path, and all that.  I did a bit of reflection last night, standing there, all grateful and stuff.

After the hymn, I ate my share of the pomegranate seeds with the Ancestors and Gods, and drank my share of the lavender tea with Hestia, Aphrodite, and Hera.

Then I continued on with the rest of my Noumenia duties, like refilling the kathiskos and asking for Zeus Tsesios (I think is the spelling?) for His blessings over our pantry and household prosperity.  Then, I honored the Household Gods, giving them an offering of honey.

With all rituals done, I ate a bowl of hearty chicken vegetable soup and a salad, and finished editing and copyrighting photos.  That took me a couple of hours.

Speaking of photos, after I hit "publish" on yesterday's post, my partner contacted me, saying that we have another booking!  November's going to be a busy month for us, and I'm very happy about that!


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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Grief and Heart Work Projects

Went out and took advantage of a yarn sell this weekend. I bought a thing of soft, bulky brown Bernat (<-sp?), a purple for my mom's throw, and a fall green and brown for another throw that I want to make for myself.  Although I wish I had red, too....

Even though I already have....throw, pot holder, cookie monster bag, octopus, barn bag...I think that's it....6 projects going already, I started on a Miscarriage Memorial Animal for one of my friends.  It was supposed to be a teddy bear, but the shape of the ears alone changed it to a cat.  That's fine, she likes cats!  I'm going to crochet and sew an awareness ribbon around its neck.  I may make another for her living son, as well.  And make it more durable, just in case he gets a hold of it, but I want to make them a pair.

Since I'm not using any patterns or tutorials, I'm definitely learning from my mistakes with this bear-cat!  Good thing I'm making another right after, to apply what I'm learning, like when you're working with such small bits, to sew on the eyes and nose before you seam it up (not closed up, I left the ends open before I put the eyes and nose on)!  Oh, and make sure the button eyes are sew on in a way that it doesn't make the face look pissed off.  This cat looks so mad, lol.  I thought about sewing in a smile, but then I had closed up the head already, so, next time, I guess!

I also bought some fabric so I can learn how to make divination pouches from fabric--quicker projects.  And sewing practice, I needs it.  That's one of the reasons why I chose to have a lot of sewing going on with the bear-cat.  That and sewing looks better than a yarn seam, it just disappears into the fluff of this particular yarn. 

Plus, I want to start making rag dolls and animals from cloth and t-shirts for Memorial pieces.  I'd like to start a business of Memorial things for Grief Work and Heart Work.  To spread this healing into the world.  Some things I'll sell and others I'll do for charity. 

I was going to make arms and legs, but I may just make a tail to save on yarn for the bear.  Oh man, she used an elephant theme--I think--for her son.  Too bad I didn't see any gray Bernat yarn...maybe I'll go back this weekend and look again (after I double check, because I know that another friend has elephants for her son, too).  I also want red for my throw too....and I need a better variety of buttons for eyes and noses, too.

I'm going to be finishing this cat today, starting on the bear, and hopefully getting another block on my mom's throw down, too. Oh, this is the hot mess that is my mom's throw so far:

I started making it in my early months of learning crochet and I didn't know crap about the different types of yarns and how they might affect the width and length of your projects.  It's tapered and I'm wiser now!  I mom oughta like it....she better anyway.  If nothing else, she can or I can turn it into a pillow or pillow case....  But I've been working on this project for over a year, I am finishing it before the winter holidays for her gift!

I hope yall are doing well!

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Moth's Medicine

This evening, I had quite the spiritual experience!  After months of feeling disconnected from my Spirit Animals, I found a new one, or rather they found me, as it often goes with guides.  As posted to Facebook Group Circle of Wolves: Familiars, Spirit Guides, and Animal Totems:

I'm currently going through quite the profound spiritual transition right now, and have noticed that my bond with some of my guides isn't as strong as it used to be. Guides will change throughout your life, especially if they've taught you all that they can. But that's not saying that you might not feel a little disconnected. Which is what I've been feeling lately. Kind of lost without my almost constant companions around me.

This evening, as I went outside to check on the position of Sister Moon, I turned to see a huge black spiky caterpillar climbing up the brick wall of my apartment. I've never seen one that large, in person, before, and it was gorgeous! I took photos of it, and it posed, as insects, bugs, and other crawlies typically do for me. Went inside and looked it up, and learned that it's a Giant Leopard Moth, and it will be beautiful one day!

As I was looking at photos of this beauty, I felt a deep, calming connection. Powerful, friendly, and gentle. I do believe that Moth is my new Guide. Moth has made contact before, but it wasn't as strong, so I shrug them off as just a Messenger.  I still took their message to heart, but I didn't think, Oh, new guide!  But I'm looking forward to our journey together.
The picture that I felt this connection with is in this article, just scroll on down until you see Giant Leopard Moth.

"An issue that has been bothering you is being healed behind the scenes. The solution is ingenious, creative and a happy surprise for you." - Spirit Animal Totems

Some of Moth's possible spiritual messages are (but that quote above seems pretty damn accurate for me right now):
- Awareness
- Care Giver
- Clarity
- Determination
- Faith
- Let Go of that which hinders you
- Love
- Messenger
- Moon - Lunar Energies
- Mystery
- Optimistic - Find the light of a dark situation (I certainly have been with my Grief Work)
- Psychic
- Silence
- Spirit World
- Stealth
- Transformation
- Trust the Journey

Other Resources:

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

New Plan

Turns out, us trying to get two Metal Gear Solid costumes together for the boys (let alone four), was just too expensive, so we nixed that idea.  Using whatever's laying about the house, I threw together a Cleric costume for D&D last night.  I plan on wearing it for Trick or Treat and the Samhain party, too.  What's hubby going to wear?  No idea.  He usually half-asses something.

So tossing the MGS idea, we asked Wolfman what he wanted to be for Halloween.  He said, "Blaze!"  So Blaze from the Monster Machines he is.  And now he has matching tennis shoes to go with his costume.  As for Warrior, we chose Chase from Paw Patrol, since he likes that show.

In other news, Wolfman is doing well with potty training.  He did have an accident a couple of days ago, after months of none.  You'll have that.  We haven't started training Warrior yet, despite that hubby keeps saying, "This weekend, we're gonna start.  This weekend."  I'd rather wait until the winter holidays, that way, hubby will be home for a week.  Or wait until his 3rd birthday, like we did with his brother.  Either way, I am and am not looking forward to it.  I, like many others, hate those early frustrating stages of potty training.  So stressful, but necessary.

Thank you, Cathy for your comment on the last blog.  I agree.  Resilience has been a major lesson and theme for me these last couple of years.  I was always told to Persevere by my Guides.  Perseverance has been replaced with Re silence.  I am Resilient.  :-)

(Sadly, I'm still not able to reply to comments on my blog.  Darn those inexplicable technical difficulties!)

Friday, October 21, 2016

Real Healing

October.  I love and hate it.

Love it for the weather and the transitions.  Plus this month holds my favorite sabbat and my handfasting anniversary.  I love Halloween and trick or trick, and the costumes.  October holds a lot of good memories.

But it's also a time of the harvest and of death.  Of Spirit Work.  Ancestral Work.  Memorial Work.  It's also the month that I miscarried my eldest son, Nathan.

Normally, this month is quite the emotional roller coaster for me.  But...since I've been doing the Capture Your Grief hasn't been so dark.  In the beginning of the month, I was very drained and moody.  Part excited, part dreading.  Waiting for this month to end, as I usually do.

But...this project is really helping me to heal.  I don't feel the usual emotional sorrow that afflicts me.  I feel lighter and happier.  I'm looking back at my journey seeing the bad, but also seeing the good.  I'm seeing the progress that I've made since 2011.  Where I was....who I was.  Who I am now.  It's something to be very proud of.

I believe that's why Nathan entered my life.  To help me heal from everything that's held me back.  To realize my potential and chase my dreams, to turn them into reality.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Wave of Light

Image from Facebook Page Pregnancy After Loss Support

Now matter where you are in the world, at 7 pm light a candle for your loved ones, be them your child or anothers.  <3

Monday, October 10, 2016

Trick or Treat Limits

Should there be age limits for Trick or Treating?  Hell, no.  It's supposed to be fun.  Allow me to share with you my story and the reason why I don't impose age limits.  Trick or Treat bullying:

Shoot, as long as you're in a costume, no matter how simple, I give ya candy. When I was about 8, I had a lady refuse me because she said that I was too old. I was a (nearly) 6'0 tall 8-year-old (I also hit puberty at 9, for those who're saying bread/breasts = too old), who went away from that woman's house crying, ashamed, and embarrassed. I don't judge. I don't care about your age or height. You dress up, you get candy. Simple. It's supposed to be fun.

We're not all cut from the same cloth.  We don't all develop at the same rate.  My kids are already tall for their ages!  Someone refuses my children, you damn skippy I'm going to say something to them.  Stop being a bully.  It's just candy.  It's suppose to be fun.  No need to be a bitch about it and police who gets what due to looking too old.  You don't know their story.  Stop judging, especially children.

You know what, honestly, costumes aren't even important.  As long as you're having fun, just hold out your hand!  There's worse things a person could be doing than Trick or Treating!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Capture Your Grief

If you're interested, the my part in the Capture Your Grief project is up in the In Memory page.  Updated daily, until the November.

Friday, September 30, 2016

I Hate Having Neighbors

Cannot wait until we can move into a house, for this very reason:

Dear Old Crotchety Neighbors,
Please stop pounding on the walls. All of that pounding is just annoying, and you don't want to annoy a Witch. I have toddlers and share weak floor boards with you. You pound on the wall because my kids are dancing or running from room to room. Because they're crawling on the floor racing their trucks. Because they're playing, and they're not even being loud! I know when they're being loud, because I'm trying to teach the the difference between indoor and outdoor volumes. The things that you're pounding for, aren't that loud.
I can feel and hear you going up and down your stairs at ridiculous times of the night. I can feel and hear you walking from room to room. Gods, not to mention that horrid smell that permeates through the weak walls of downstairs restrooms, and the conversations that I can hear you having in that same restroom, clucking gossip and judgmental shit talking! Yet, I'm not pounding on the walls, like a child. You don't want to be woken up by my kids at 8-9 in the morning, go to bed earlier or move to a home without weak flooring.

Well, one of many--like my fire worry....someone's apartment catching fire and affecting mine, too.  It's not a good thought, especially since whomever built this place didn't seem to think about fires and exits.

Well, the neighbors could be worse.  A lot worse.

But soon we'll have our Hopeful Homestead with chickens and goats, and no nearby neighbors.  Where my kids can play and be kids.  We'll have freedom and privacy.  I won't have to worry about assholes stealing and breaking things on my patio or porch.  I just gotta hold out a little longer.  It'll be worth it.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Paw Patrol Again

Looks like we're having another Paw Patrol birthday for Wolfman this year!  I asked him what he wanted his theme to be, because I was thinking of construction or Thomas the Train.  Nope, he said, "Paw Datrol!"  Can't complain, I had Lion King three years in a row!

At least this time, it'll be easier to get it all together, since Nickelodeon actually has the birthday set out now (which, might I add, came out AFTER his birthday.  I was very annoyed).  If you remember for his 2nd birthday, I had to put a theme together:

Thank the internet for the inspiration!

I think this year, I'm going to add a little candle blessing to his birthday candle, for protection, kindness, and developmental growth.  Include Hestia (as Matron of the house) and Hecate (as protector of my children) with this little candle spell.

,,,,probably do party cup favors this year....with sticker, coloring page, crayons, Scooby Doo graham cracker bones, and something else....

Oh, good, I do still have those dog bowls....or I think I do...I hope...  :-/

Well, I have time to pull it all together.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Capture Your Grief Healing Project

I participated in the Day of Hope in August, by crocheting Nathan his first prayer flag,

For October, in addition to doing the Wave of Light on the 15th, I'm also going to be participating in CarlyMarie Project Heal's Capture Your Grief, through photography:

I'll create another page above for him and include all of these special things that I've created for him.  I invite you to join me in the journey of healing.

Also Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep has a banner and a bit of information about October and the Wave of Light, as well.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Poseidon's Fury!!! ...Oh, no, it's the Two Terrible Toddlers!!!!!!

Jolted awake by Vinny crying. Jumped up, heard he was downstairs, then I saw that he was soaked. Lycan was soaked. Then i fucking heard it. THe downstairs bathroom sink was on. Ran down and splash, water all over the floor and carpet. They had plugged the sink and let it run. Out of towels. Almost out of blankets. Fans working on high. Door's open. Ruined stuffed animals which fukc that I don't care about right now. Almost a full pack of toilet paper ruined. One of my books, which was sitting on the back of the toilet is completely fucked. Part of the living room carpet is soaked.

Fuck you, Universe.

Don't have kids.

But I guess it could be worse. At least no one's hurt, The computer's little black boxy thing on the it's cord wasn't wet, despite sitting on soaked carpet. And my camera bag is apparently water proof. My fucking livelihood is okay.

Good morning.

An hour later:

Well, can't have the door open because there's some jackass gatekeeping asshole wasp outside threatening to come in.

I have a heat rash now, and I can't use powder because the stupid bottle won't open.

And i guess something did happen to the black box on the computer power cord, because it's making crackling noises. I'm going to turn this off. fucking power cords can be expensive. might as well buy a new laptop, except, oh wait, we're poor. 

Those kids are staying in their room until this carpet dries. They have dry clothes, food, water, lycan's peed, vinny has a fresh diaper. Staying in there until I say otherwise.

You know what sucks about this ruined book? I've been reading it for 2-3 years, intentionally taking my time with it. It's one of those learnin books with lessons and shit. Only had a couple of chapters left....and now....bloody hell. Maybe this is a psychotic break? A book has been brutally murdered and I'm calm about it? Well, at least it wasn't one of my Harry Potter books.

All things considering, I didn't completely flip out and lose my temper. I yelled at them, told themt o go to their room, slammed their door. Cried when I saw the epic mess. Cleaned up. Calmly, but firmly explained why they were in trouble. Cried some more. But I have been relatively calm, guess I'm making progress with my temperament.....hopefully it's not some kind of psychotic break, though.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Day of Hope

Today marks the CarlyMarie Project Heal: Day of Hope (Facebook page, event).  A day to make prayer flags to honor the lives of fetus', infants, and children whose lives were cut too soon.  I'm currently making my first flag for Nathan, and I'm crocheting it.  I figured that the first big project that I did when I was just starting to learn how to crochet, was a Memorial blanket for Nathan.  Why not crochet his first flag, too?

Friday, July 22, 2016

Progress and Nests

I was a worry wort for nothing.  Wolfman had a great time.  Everyone came home, safe and sound.

Wolfman's also doing better with night potty training, although he regressed a bit last week with pooping in his underwear, but no accidents this week!

Warrior is still in diapers.  No progress has been made with him on that front.  I kind of just want to wait until Wolfman has it down before starting with his little brother.  But I really hope that Warrior get potty training faster than his brother.  We started in February or March with Wolfman and yeah, this week, I think, was the first week without any accidents, day or night.  A little bit of progress.  Really really hoping little bro is going to be smoother.

He's already showing interest by getting up on the toilet without help or being told to, with his diaper on, mind you.  Tried it without once and he said it was scary.

Another way that my boys are opposites from each other:

Wolfman sleeps with EVERYTHING on his bed.  Blankets, pillows, toys, clothes.  Just random stuff.  He like to build a nest, really.

Warrior likes NOTHING on his bed.  Not even a fitted sheet.  Just his blanket, maybe his quilt, and his binkie (which we are going to start weaning him off of, which is going to be a battle, since it was so easy with his brother).

I've also been thinking about involving the kids a little bit in the ritual for the First Harvest coming up on the 1st.  I dunno, yet.  Still in the works.  Obviously due to their ages, it wouldn't be something complicated.  Like maybe let them shakes the rattles as I walk the house with the sage to cleanse our home.  Let them pour the seed for the wildlife offerings, simple things like that.

Do any of you involve your younger children in ritual or spell work?

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Overwhelming Fear and the Importance of Communication

Also later, hubby plans on taking out 3-year-old to a soccer game.  I think it's a terrible idea.  Doesn't help that I had a dream where the family was out at a crowded place.  I left to go to toilet, and my hubby ran up to me, without the kids, to tell me something.  I flipped out on him, wanting to know where the kids were.

"It's fine, they're playing."

We found Wolfman, wandering towards us.  Then I saw Warrior off in the distance.  He got bored and started wandering through the crowd.  I was able to get to him before anything terrible happened.

Shitty dream, just da hell subconscious!

And my husband's done this before, at a Chuck E Cheese.  Wolfman was playing in the tubes and he left Warrior playing on another toy, and came up to me, who was saving a table.  I was already anxious and overwhelmed by the chaotic energy, then to know that he didn't have eyes on our kids, too?  Oh, I was fuming.  I freaked out and ran to see where the kids were.

My husband just isn't the brightest when it comes to safety.  He says he understands how quickly a child can go missing, but I don't think he really gets it.  In an instant, someone can snatch your child.  In an instant, they can be lost.  Gone.  Injured or dead.  According to him, I'm overprotective and allowing my illnesses to get the better of me.

Maybe I am, but he just doesn't use his brain sometimes.  I really don't want him to take our son to this crowded soccer game today.  Because I don't trust his judgement.

It's hard to have faith in your spouse when they'd rather play games on their phone than keep an eye on your kids.  Then they think it's okay to walk away from the kids in a public place, while they're playing.  He's a fuckin idiot sometimes.  He doesn't understand how quickly happiness can be taken away.  It's like he doesn't remember the miscarriage or our time in the NICU or the PICU.

Yeah, I do have anxiety, depression, and PTSD.  Yes, I can be a paranoid helicopter parent, but damn it, there are some thing you DON'T DO IN A PUBLIC, CROWDED SETTING!  He's so naive sometimes.

I'm going to drill him today before they leave--the dos and donts.  Take my anxiety medication and distract myself from my fears.  Pray that Hecate and the Ancestors are watching Wolfman, and they keep the fire lit under his oblivious father's ass, too.

But then, I'm also hoping that Wolfman craps his underwear today and can't go to the soccer game...

I have told him my concerns, and about the dream (when he got home today).  He fell silent.  He's actually taking my fears to heart and is thinking about his past mistakes with the kids.  Maybe this will be a turning point for him and us?

* Update: They've been gone for an hour and I actually haven't felt the need to take my anxiety medication.  Our talk helped me a lot.  My mind's not racing through the usual what ifs, I'm not nervous.  I'm just chill.  Waiting for them to get home.

That being said, I made sure Wolfman wore bright colors and I took pictures of him with hubby's phone before they left....just in case the terrible happens.

I'm also fighting the urge for a divination reading.  Just gotta have faith in my husband and his brother that nothing bad will happen, right?

Overall, my husband's not a bad father, he's actually really great.  Wolfman is only 3, it's a learning experience for us both.  I was raised to be cautious of Stranger Danger, getting lost, and staying near your family in crowded places.  We had passwords and were taught to avoid certain people, to never go inside someone's house unless our parents had met, and never into their vehicle unless you had permission.

My husband grew up in an area where they didn't have those problems (I'm sure they did).  Or least it wasn't something that his mom seemed to emphasize (at least it doesn't seem like it).  My dad is also paranoid and thinks the world is out to get him, yet, once upon a time, when my BFF was really young someone offered to buy her off of her father at a 4th of July celebration.  So, yeah, world's messed up.

I don't want our kids to be paranoid, but I do want them to be smart and cautious.  There's a lot of sick people in the world.  These are things that my husband needs to be aware of, too.  The only way to teach him is through positive communication.

New Name for Farts

"Lycan, did you just fart? Gotta go poop?" Me.
"No. That's awesome wind poop." Lycan.
From now on, that's what farts are called, "Awesome Wind Poops."

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

"Big Boss" is a Household Name in Our Nest

And it wasn't intentional!  The Metal Gear Solid game series is one of my favorites (definitely hubby's favorite), and apparently our boy's too!  Wasn't intentional.  The kids have seen us play other games, like Fallout series, Skyrim, and Borderlands 2, but for some reason it's MGS they love.  Seems natural to have it as our family costume theme this year.

No joke.  Our toddlers.  Love.  Big Boss.  They'll crawl around on the floor, saying they're him.  It's awesome.  That's the extent of their Big Boss play, though.  We don't allow toy guns in the house, nor will I allow gun play, not until they're teens anyway, because I don't want them thinking that guns are toys.  I grew up around guns, as a hunter and from a military family.  Us kids were taught gun safety, and weren't allowed toy guns or gun play until we were mature enough.  Same line of thinking for our kids.

We also don't allow them to watch some of the more graphic/gorey/violent scenes in the series, either.  Except that one Paz scene that we weren't prepared for.  Scared the hell out of Wolfman.  I had to keep telling him that she was okay, Big Boss was going to get her a bandaid and she'd be okay!  He was fine after that.  (Another reason to hate Paz, I guess, lol.  I really don't like her.)

This happened a bit ago:

Wolfman, looking at my computer screen, "Look at all of the Big Bosses!  One, two, three, four.  Two!  There's two Big Bosses."
After counting the pictures, I said, "There's seven.  Seven Big Bosses."
"I love counting!"
"Well, that's good.  Counting's important.  You know, for Halloween, Daddy's going to be Big Boss and you're gonna be Solid Snake, and [Warrior]'s going to be Liquid."
"No.  I want to be Big Boss."
"[Wolfman] but Solid's better than Big Boss.  He beat him twice....sorta," Hubby.
"Oh.  Daddy is going to be Big Boss!  I gonna be Solid Snake!"
"Yeah!  Now you're getting it!"  I said.
"Now you just have to learn your line.  [Warrior] almost has his down," Hubby said.  "[Warrior] say, 'Not yet, Snake!  It's not over yet!'"
"Snake!  Come here, Snake!"
"Close enough," I laughed.
"Ok, [Wolfman] say, 'Age hasn't slowed me down one bit.'"
"Age hasn't slowed me dowwwwwn oooooooonnnneeeeeee BIT!"

Then I showed Wolfan the other characters, including my favorites, Ocelot and Kaz.  He'd say "Big Boss", "Solid Snake", and "Ocelot", but adamantly refused to say "Kaz" or "Miller", which I thought was funny, because my husband doesn't like Kaz either.  I have a love/hate thing with Miller.  I love the guy, but he's really incompetent, at least where combat, security, and child soldiers are concerned (got a head for business, though).  We make fun of him all of the time, hubby calls him Kaz the Spaz (despite that you pronounce "Kaz" as "cause".)  But I love the little hot head, too.  Didn't used to like him, until I heard about Miller's Maxi Buns.

Concerning Wolfman's apparent dislike of saying his name, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

We counted Venom Snake next, and Wolfman kept telling me that there were TWO BIG BOSSES!  Weeelllllll, he's definitely not wrong!  Although if you count his clones....lots of Big Bosses.

Long story short, we have our Halloween theme: Metal Gear Solid.  Hubby's going as older Big Boss, Wolfman, being of dark hair, is going as Solid Snake, and Warrior, our blonde, is going as Liquid Snake.  But me?  Eh, haven't made up my mind yet.

"Big Momma" EVA would make more sense, since she carried Solid and Liquid.  But then there's The Boss.....come on!  She's one of the best characters--if not, THE best--in the series!  Shame, we don't have a third boy, could make them a young Ocelot, then I really could be The Boss, since she's his momma.

I'll probably go with EVA though, even though I don't like her.  Crazy bitch.  Definitely too modest for Quiet,*and definitely ain't got the body for her!). Although I do like Meryl and Raging Raven.....probably be too much going into those costumes.  Although Naomi Hunter probably wouldn't be too expensive, and I like her way more than EVA. What would I need?  A white lab coat, black stockings, black skirt, and a button up shirt.

Older EVA's costume doesn't seem too difficult to put together, either....  Older EVA or Naomi, definitely have to find myself a happy modest middle there with their outfits.

Definitely not a shortage of women in the series....lots to pick from!

If all else fails, I'll go as Little Red Werewolf again....  But I kinda hope we can pull it together, it would be awesome, especially since we don't know how much longer Warrior's going to be a blonde!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Night Train

Night Potty Training Lycan has begun:
"I know it's scary and new, but if when you learn, you're going to be big and strong like Daddy," Dave.
"But I want to be cute," Lycan.
"You'll be cuter."
"I don't want to be cuter. I just want to be cute Lycan."
"Lycan, grandma and paw paw will be so proud when as soon as you stop wearing diapers, though," me.
Thinking about it for a moment, "They will?"
"You'll be the cutest ever!" Dave.
"I just want to be cute."
Also potty training Vinny starts tomorrow. He already came down stairs and told Dave that he needed help peeing in the potty. Dave walked him through it, leaving his diaper on.
Lots of changes in the Wren household. So many messy messy changes.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

This Kid's Going Places

Yesterday, I was on the couch, arm extended, ready to tickle any kid who came near. My kids are weird, they LOVE being tickled! Wolfman kept coming back for more, while saying, "I have to go shopping with Daddy! Stop Mommy!"
"You can't resist the tickle monster!"
So, what's this little boy do? He put a book in my hand and walked passed! lol! So smart! Too smart.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

It's Not Like TV; Sometimes Growing Apart is Unavoidable

(Today's post is kind of long and disjointed, got a lot on my mind--troubles and hopes.)

We had a family get together yesterday with my husband's side of the family.  It's a annual thing that we're trying to turn into a family tradition, giving the cousins a chance to play and bond.  Hubby's idea.  It's a great idea, especially since we're all spread out. Holidays and birthday's aren't enough, nor are they always guaranteed.  I only get to see my mom's side of the family maybe 3 times a year?  I see my niece even less than that.  We hope to not have them grow apart or just not know each other.

Seeing all of the kids playing was nostalgic, took me back to that age of playing with my cousins, too.  Looking through the albums, we have these same photographs, too.  From baby to toddler to kid group pictures taken yearly.  But the photos stop around pre-teen years.  Then would pick up in our later adult years...but some would be missing.

It's something that you can't really control, though, is it?  Only hope for.

I'm the youngest on my dad's side, so there's lot of older cousins who I don't know...although Facebook has helped reconnect some of us.  There's other cousins that I used to be super close with, and life happened, and we're just not anymore.  I know that we'd like to get to know each other again, but it's just awkward and weird, ya know?

It's like me and my brother, it's more like an acquaintance relationship. If that makes sense.


I'm going through a lot of changes, family-wise.  I'm distancing myself from my abusive father, which has put strains on relationships with other members from that side.  Some have unfriended me, I've unfriended others on Facebook, cut ties with them.  Really, the only people that I communicate with anymore are my cousins....not even my brother or SIL, really.  But I'm also distrustful of them, for fear that they're spying on me for my father, as an aunt has proven this betrayal by digging around my public record.  (just because you can, doesn't mean you should)

We used to be so close...

Then my mom's side of the family, they used to be spread out, too, until my grandma died, and they started coming back together...then drama ensued between me, my husband, and an uncle.  The drama concerning my dad has put a strain on my brother and I's relationship (not that we were ever really close) and I've learned of a side of him that breaks my heart, which makes the few family gatherings we attend awkward.  Moreso than before.  We greet each other, hug, then avoid.  That's a whole nother can of badgers, though.

For as rare as those gatherings were, I still loved and looked forward to them.  Never missed these gatherings, because who knows when I'd see them all again?

Same with my step dad's side of the family.  I was molested by a step cousin and the family swept it under the rug...  Betrayal, I felt.  The cousins whom I was really close with...just one night, one cut of the thread was all it took.  Not that I'm blamed for anything, they dealt their own justice for the crime, but it's messy.  Secrets were kept.  I just couldn't look at the adults the same way again.  I couldn't trust them.  Nor did I want to see that pig again, either.  His crime was hidden from his siblings, cousins, and my step brother.  I became the black sheep, instead of him.  Maybe because I wasn't blood?  Who knows?

It's just awkward.  Be it my mom's side, my dad's side, or my step dad's side, we all used to be so close.  I've tried over the years to reconnect, as family is very important to me.  I've learned to put some differences aside and tolerate and accept certain behaviors and opinions for the sake of family.  Also learned how to let go of the toxicity...and learned painful lessons that doing so doesn't just affect one relationship.

Now, I'm turning more to my husband's side of the family.  Now that his middle brother is divorced, he's way more pleasant to be around (and now that his son is in school and out of that unhealthy environment, he's more well behaved, too!).

I'm on anxiety medication, so I know that's been an improvement for me, too.  But now they know what my problem is, a fraction anyway.  They actually like being around me, now, too.  I'm also more social.  There's a clear difference between medicated me and non-medicated me when I'm around all of that chaotic kid energy.

Like yesterday, nothing upset me.  I was so chill...until my medication wore off, then the anxiety came back, I kept thinking about the worse possible things happening to my kids and the stairs.  I was almost crippled by it.  I was stressed, snappy, and bitchy.  I saw these negative behaviors, and stepped back from the group, which made me look anti-social.  But just told em, look my meds have worn off.  I didn't think that we'd be here this long so I didn't bring my second dose.  They understood, gave me my space.

Back to family relationships, there's also that married thing.  Like I adore my other BIL's wife, but I just don't think they're going to last.  Every time we see them, they have some type of argument.  They're both young, and my BIL is immature and selfish.  But then I only see a fraction of their life.  I adore her and would like to get to know her more, but what if things don't work out?  She'll be another Jen.  Jen being my brother's ex-wife.  I loved her and her family...but my brother ruined that marriage.  In the end, it was for the best, since they're both happily remarried, but it sucks.  Getting to know the spouse, then have things not work on, and a friendship fractured.


Adult life.  Ever changing.

Welcome to it.

Same goes for me.  What if things between my husband and I don't work out?  There's another whole family to lose.  More strain and stress.  I don't want my kids to have to suffer from that drama.  But if it happens, it happens.  Just gotta remember the kids, so one doesn't devolve and behave like an animal, because it's the kids who suffer the most, I think.  

For now, while everything's good, we're having this yearly family get togethers for the cousins, and for the adults.  So they can bond and play.  Enjoy being kids with kid drama.  Hopefully, they grow up together and still be friends and family as adults, too.  My husband was super close with his cousins too, and the only major thing that caused them to grow a part was distance.  No one seemed to go out of their way so the cousins could bond, except when ones's supposed to: holidays, birthday, funerals, and such.

But who knows?  We're enjoying their joy for now, though.  Ya never know.

Cherish the now.  Don't take anything or anyone for granted.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Just Got Told By a Toddler....

"Mommy, you happy?" Wolfman
"I will be once you start cleaning up after yourselves."
"Mommy, you grumpy. Go eat chocwette. Get happy." (chocolate)

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Storm Maker Vs Mommy Witch

“Mommy, it’s raining!  I wanna go outside!” My 3-year-old son exclaimed.
“Tell the Storm Maker to stop, then.”
“Go AWAY, Storm Maker!”
“Rain, rain, go away, come back another day!”  I sang.
“Mommy!  Keep singing!  It’s working!”
I sang and sang it again.
“Faster, Mommy, faster!”
Sang it faster and faster.  Over and over.
“Mommy!  It worked!  It stopped raining!”
I looked up from my crocheting, and sure as a heart beat, it had stopped raining. “Oh!  Huh.”  I mean, I knew I was good.  Didn’t realize I was that good.  lol.  ;-P
“Great job, Mommy!”

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Peppa Down On The Farm

This morning, after having two bad dreams about the party, I also had a divination session, which calmed my nerves.  The session basically told me to STOP WORRYING!  Everything's going to work out.

Only had one big flop, with freakin Party City running out of the Peppa Pig balloons.  Annoying.  When I checked last week, they said they had more than enough.  Lying bastards.  I doubt Peppa is that freakin popular in this area.  Whatever (I'm just bitter).  We settled for a fire truck balloon from Walmart, instead.

So this was it, Warrior's Peppa Down on the Farm Birthday Party:

Walmart Cupcake Cake.  I don't really care for 
Walmart, but I love their cakes!

Party Favors: Apple Sauce Pouches, Animal Crackers Packs,
Fruit Snacks, 2 Cutie Oranges, and a Farm Animal Toy.  

Eatin that cupcake like a boss.

Sneaking some icing as the party came to a close.

Minus him not liking being sang to, it was a pretty great turn out.  Everyone enjoyed themselves.  Happy 2nd Birthday Warrior!