Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Trying to Keep Faith in People When It Comes to My Children

I was woken up by my tossing and turning 3-year-old around 2:20 am.  I felt his head and his back and he was burning up!  I never should've listened to my husband about leaving the diaper bag with all of the important first aid stuff at home.  I should've listened to my instincts and brought it anyway.  People say, "Oh, you're so paranoid" and no, I'm not.  I prefer to be prepared.

I took Wolfman's covers off and laid there.  He didn't seem distressed, no cries, or whines, no sweats, just tossing.  He's been whining since his birthday, as he caught a stomach bug from my step dad's party.  Then as he was starting to feel better, his sick cousins came over on Christmas and now both of my kids are sick.  I'm getting really tired of people not warning us ahead of time about their sick kids.  Now both of mine are congested and snotty, with loss of appetite and diarrhea, and Wolfman has a fever!

I woke up my husband for support, for help, for something, as I was frantic.  We need to do something to bring his fever down.  And I don't have my thermometer here to check his temperature!  My husband was so non-chalant about it.  Seemed more concerned about his lost sleep than bringing Wolfman's fever down, or just trying something.  All he said was that Wolfman's due for another round of medicine at 4 am and that he'd keep an eye on him.

"Do you understand that he can have a seizure and die if we don't do something more?????"

I'm pissed.  I'm scared.  My mind's jumping around to the worse scenarios.  I hate that I trusted his judgement with not bringing the diaper bag.  Now, do I make a big deal out of this or show a little fake faith?  He turned on a fan, I suggested a cold wash rag.  Nope.  Don't listen to me, I worry too much.  I'm paranoid.  And now I' fretting and awake, worried, feeling that we should be waking up his mom or giving him a bath or something!!!!

But nope.

I pray his judgement is right.  I just really hope this isn't going to end in me kicking myself for not doing something more.

**** 3:41 am, I did give him a cold rag, he handed it back to his dad and said that he was cool and to give it back to me.  Glad to say, mommy over-reacted, as Wolfman is up and sitting on daddy's lap, talking about how everyone is sleeping and that it's "a clock in the morning!"

I should also say that I'm also sick.  I took some Vitamin C and motrin a bit ago, and gargled listerine.  Haven't been sleeping a whole lot lately.  Just ugh.  I'm getting congested and diarrhea-y too.  What a  lovely vacation.

At 4, we're giving him medicine, and are going to try sleeping again.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Beautiful Gift

I finally was able to buy the Beautiful Wishes figurine from Willow Tree!  I've been wanting her for a long time.  She's very perfect for any memorial place, in my humble opinion.

"Calla lilies are a symbol of majestic beauty. I chose this flower to represent a pure and simple wish for beauty and peace in our lives…a universal sentiment for so many occasions…birth, marriage, anniversaries, in sympathy and in remembrance. Beautiful wishes are what we send to those we care for and about." ~ Susan Lordi, Willow Tree

Tonight, I have her sitting on my Ancestral shrine, surrounded by lit candles, dried rosemary, and an offering of wine and apple juice.  I had originally intended her for Nathan, but I've decided to purchase another Willow Tree for him, the Angel of Comfort.

Why angels?  Why Willow Tree?  Even though I don't necessary believe in angels, I do love them.  Since I was young, my Christian family usually gifted me with beautiful angels, so they've always held a special place in my heart.  Usually, after the death of a family member, I often would inherit an angel from them.  All of my angels--all gifts--sit on the Ancestral shrine.

Why Willow Tree?  I didn't even know about Willow Tree until my Aunt Gaye passed away.  She collected angels, and in her last years, had picked out certain ones to give to family.  I have two angels from her, a clay one that she felt looked like me and a Spring Angel, whom I sit on the Pets shelf. ....okay, I guess it's not Willow Tree, ha, looks like it, though.  Should've know since she has eyes.  Either way, my aunt gave my step mom many Willow Tree angels to give away (I was supposed to get one, but was gipped unfortunately).

Bitterness aside, my step mom and I made it a tradition to give Willow Tree figures every year for Christmas and special occasions: weddings, births, deaths.  Even though I'm distancing myself from her, I still will continue this tradition in my Aunt's memory.  And because Willow Tree is simple and beautiful.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Partying with the Toy Story Gang...

...was a total success!  There were so many cousins there (and two favor bag left).  Although my mom did go in and redo the bags.  She added way more candy than I wanted, AND got rid of Lycan's special bag.  I was very annoyed by that, but she did a great job decorating everything else and preparing the meat and cheese trays.

Cupcake Cake from Walmart

Favor bags filled with Toy Story stickers, Space Ranger Wrist Band,
Sherrif Badge, and candy. 

 The toy that put my mom in the Grandma Hall of Fame, "Buzz Lightyear!"

We had Yule today, and even after getting an awesome huge Tonka Truck, Wolfman STILL did not put Buzz down.  lol.  That's a super successful gift right there.

Blessed Yule!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Sticker Board

Today's birthday party was awesome, but I don't have any pictures uploaded right now, so I'll talk more later.  But we do have our gifts out around the tree, this Yule Eve, and there's many more gifts than intended, from family.  Even though Wolfman is staying the night at grandma's and Warrior went to bed a long time ago, I'm still going to set out the offerings for Sleipnir, Julbock, and Odin.

December 19, 2015

And for tomorrow, my brother and SIL gifted us with a ham!  Awesome!

Okay, so onto the title of the post.  One of the things that Wolfman got a lot of this year was stickers!  Toy Story and Bubble Guppies, more to add to his Paw Patrol, his Thanksgiving Turkey stickers from Kroger, and the sticker badge that he got from that nice police officer at Aldi's a couple of weeks ago.

I've been putting their stickers up, so our walls and doors and windows don't become adorned with their art.  When I was little, I loved stickers.  I had a big ole dresser mirror that I was allowed to use for my collection, and I used it for years.  LOVED it!  Sad when we got rid of that dresser.  Sooooo, I was thinking of getting the boys one of those triptych styrofoam-enforced cardboard presentation boards for their collections, IF they follow in my steps and do such as thing.  It's a large surface that they'll be able to carry around with them.  Put it on the wall or where ever.  Be a lot easier to move, too.

I think that'll be a good idea, their own traveling sticker board posters.

Yule's tomorrow for us, and I'll also post pictures from the birthday party.  Night night, all!

Finally! Just a Few More Hours...

Tomorrow, the boys are getting their hair cut...not looking forward to that, especially since Warrior SCREAMS bloody murder...jeez, it's like he's gettin a bath or something...  Anything having to get clean, minus a butt change, he does not do.  

Figures, Wolfman LOVES baths, Warriors hates em.  However, neither really care for haircuts.  Oughta be a fun morning.

Anywho, from Cookie Cutters to grandma's, they'll be going to my step dad's family thing, so I can get over to their house and set up for the big Toy Story shindig. 

Come Sunday, we're having Yule...and I still don't have an idea for dinner.  Although for breakfast, I want to try risalamande, which is a "Danish Christmas Rice Pudding With Almonds and Warm Cherry Sauce".  Or raspberry sauce, or no sauce, just cinnamon and yum.  Also known as Yule Porridge.  I figure that we've borrowed other Nordic traditions, both to honor my Scandinavian roots and hubby's spiritual path, might as well try more traditional dishes...and I simply LOVE rice pudding!

However, for dinner?  Latkes...and....no idea.  I know I'd like to have some rosemary deer stew, but no luck with our hunter friends this year.  Maybe a cornish game hen?  Guess we'll see what we have money for, since we still have to buy/bake gifts and are also spending some days in Kentucky after Christmas.   Soooo, we need travel money.  

Dessert?  Yule Log.  Easy.  

Drinks?  Peppermint and Mexican Hot Chocolates. Maybe, although after this last period, I'm kinda all chocolated out.  Didn't think that was possible...

I'll worry about Yule feast sometime tomorrow...  

I'll post pictures soon!

Monday, December 14, 2015

So Much Stuff!

In a week, we'll be celebrating Wolfman's third birthday party.  I'm happy to report that my step dad's moved his family gathering to his martial arts studio, which will give me time to get in there early and set up for the party.

Talking about working out, my mom picked me up and had intended on having me help her wrap gifts (I hate wrapping), but I got her to not postpone us buying Wolfman's birthday decorations, which is a good thing.  We got to Party City and the Toy Story stuff wasn't out, because they were preparing to put something else in it's place.  Like....Toy Story is still pretty big.  There's loads of toys--new toys--in the stores and there's a couple of 45 minute long movies out and yall are only going to have the Toy Story party theme available online?  Seriously?  Stupid.

Luckily, my mom was able to get the store manager to search the back, and she found the party supplies.  WHEW!  I was sooooo worried!  I'm so glad we didn't wait!

I wasn't going to do party favors, but my mom kept pointing them out and finally I agreed.  I went with money bags with stickers, space ranger wrist band, a sheriff's badge, two watermelon airheads (because they looked like money), and a Hersey's Gold chocolate thingy.

And my mom also got me to order a cake instead of make one.  I had my grand plan, but she was thinking less stress, and she was stressing me out with her stressed butt.  I gave in.  She bought it.  Went with another cupcake cake.  Easy.  Just hope that it tastes good.

I did order the space cadet candles today...

But I went back to her house and helped her wrap.  She's awesome at wrapping and decorating and me?  I'd rather just put things in gift bags.  I hate wrapping.  I'm pretty sure that when I pick up our gifts from her house this weekend, they're all going to be rewrapped.  Haha.

But today, the kids got their first Santa experience.  I didn't go, I slept and went through their stuff for donations, but my mom and step dad took the grandkids to his Free Mason Temple for their holiday thing.  The kids had fun.  Apparently Wolfman--who never meets a stranger--walked right up to Santa twice and just talked his ear off.  However, Warrior wasn't as talkative.  I didn't think he'd be.  But the boys got early gifts from Santa today.  Wolfman got his little Toy Story figurines which he freakin adores!  And Warrior got himself three stuffed animals: a Pig, a Elephant, and a Monkey.  All that he gave many kisses and "ugs" and struggled to carry all of them around.  He loves his "anmals".

I'm looking forward to this weekend and the holidays....but not looking forward to all of the stuff.  However, that's one of the reasons why I went through our stuff today, to make room, hopefully.  We've got Wolfman's party on the 19th, I think Yule is on the 21st, then Christmas Eve (which I think I'm working, boo) and Christmas Day, and finally, we're celebrating Wolfman's actually birthday in Kentucky with his great grandma, grandma, uncle, and cousins.  So much stuff!

All of this stuff is making me rethink future holidays.  I want there to be less stuff, at least on our end.

We'll it's 3 am here, so Imma off to bed.  Night Night!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Random Memory Share

Almost three years ago, after I delivered Wolfman, I was in my room staring at a bowl of snacks.  One of the snacks was chocolate Chex mix.  I figured, why not?  I had Wolfman, so there was nothing for me to worry about concerning gestational diabetes.  I ate the bag.  It was a snack bag, small, and it was delicious.

This nurse came in and scolded me for it.  She was rude about it, too.  Then again, it was Mount Carmel West and almost everyone there was mean to me (except the delivery people and a couple nurses aside from the scolder).

Lady, I know you were just doing your job, but I almost bled to death after giving birth to my son.  I think I can have a treat...especially since my diabetes was only gestational!

Random, thought I'd share.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Birthday's, Party's, and Frustration

Wolfman's birthday party is on the 19th, it's coming up quick!  And we're going to be cutting it really close, with waiting until the 18th to buy party supplies.  I'm going to be pissed if we can't find anything Toy Story or Buzz Lightyear.  All because of hubby's brilliant budgetting.  He best pray it all works out to plan, otherwise momma ain't gonna be happy.  Heck, I’m not happy now.

Also cutting it close, is that even though I planned it first, my step dad decided that they're going to host his family's christmas party on the 19th.  Like, for real?  How rude is that?  Yall knew we were planning to have Wolfman's birthday on that day AND at yall's house!  Oh, not to mention that people on my dad's side also planned their party for that same exact day!  So some folks aren't coming.  Do yall not write anything down????   We picked the 19th so people wouldn't forget about his birthday on the 28th.  Turns out some people don't give a crap either way!  I'm getting real tired of extended family this year.

I have to work on that Sunday, so no, I can't freakin move it.  Nope, gotta move the time, which conflicts with my BFF's schedule—my son’s godmother can’t come anymore because she has something for her school to attend (she's a teacher and is typically in charge of school activities) (I'm not mad at her, btw, I understand).  I'm worried that I'm not going to have the time to go in there and get everything set up for Wolfman's party before my guests arrive.  This kind of stuff just annoys me so much.  I feel like I'm being ignored.  

You know, for Wolfman's first birthday, my mom wanted us to move it to January?  January.  Seriously?  I know my son didn't have the best timing with being born, but yall got reminders on your freaking super phones?  Or at the very least some people still know how to use a pencil and a piece a paper, right?  Right it down where you're going to see it!  But, nah, I'm the responsible one, so I have to reschedule everything.  Unfreaking believable.

Our friend's kid was born on Christmas, yet people have time to go to his first birthday!  But people make excuses for Wolfman.  I can't wait until Wolfman's starts making his own friends, because many family are extremely unreliable.  Next year, I’m only inviting key people.  People I know will be there.  And we’ll all have them in this tiny apartment with super limited guest parking, so no one can schedule over our reserved space.  And if they can’t make if because they didn’t give a crap about checking our invite, well, too bad.  I want my son to be first on his birthday for a change in December.  Assholes.

Sorry about that, I’m just very annoyed and hurt.  I’m just tired of people expecting us to change all of our plans around for them, but them not reciporcating.  Ever.  I’m done.  If you get upset because I didn’t invite you, go cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it.  Because I’m tired of your BS and I’m not apologizing for it.

Movin on. 

Normally, I do party favors because I enjoy it, but no one (with kids) are giving me a straight answer about whether or not they're coming...why waste time and money if they don't care?

I think I'm making his cake this year.  I bought some little Toy Story figurines for it.  Since Buzz is the focus, I'm going to make it in the shape of his ship, with the little figures on and around it.  

Oh, crap, we can't wait until the 18th, because I wanted to special order some spacey candles....well, damn.  

I got a job to help out and it doesn't seem to be helping any.  Except making me exhausted and bitchy.  I hate that.  Shame I was terrified of the pallet jacks at Kroger.  Made good money for the week I was there, almost $500 in four days.  Now I'm working a cleaning job, making just above minimum wage, but at least it has flexible hours and is only 10 minutes from home.  Just sucks because I got this job to help out with bills and savings, and it doesn't seem like I’m doing anything...to the point where we're risking not having anything for Wolfman's party.  I need to bring that up to my husband tomorrow.  I don't like cutting anything close.  I like to have time to get things together.  

Well, yeah, so we're having pizza, spiral pasta salad, ham, cheese, and veggie tray, and probably some popcorn, since it's one of Wolfman's favorite foods.  

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Warrior's Getting Real Tire of Wolfman's Crap

Kids were laying in the floor, sharing a book. Wolfman decided he was done sharing and rolled the book out of Warrior's hands. Instead of crying, Warrior got up and sat on Wolfman's head.