Sunday, June 21, 2015

Blessed Solstice and Happy Father's Day!

Today's been busy!

First off, I was soooooo glad to actually see Father Sun today, instead of more gray clouds and rain.  He said, "It's my day, clouds.  MOVE!"  ;-)

Got up and made breakfast of strawberry pancakes and scrambled eggs.  Went outside and did quite a bit of yardwork that needed to be done.  Then showered, and started preparing and cooking for the Solstice feast. My BFF bailed, so I invited my parents over instead, and ended up making more food than expected!

  • Kabobs: Steak, Yellow Squash, Zucchini, and Peppers of Red,  Green, and Yellow.
  • Leftover veggies, I added salt, pepper, rosemary, thyme, and parmesan; wrapped them in foil and put em on the grill.
  • Corn on the cob with thyme, basil, and butter.
  • Leftover BBQ Fried Chicken.
  • Oven-baked Mac N Cheese
  • Potato Salad
  • Salad: Spinach, Strawberries, Blue Cheese, and Sunflower Seeds.
  • Orange-Cream Cake with Vanilla and Orange Marmalade Icing.
  • Lavender Lemonade. 

Lots of grilling and feasting went on at my house this evening!

After feasting, I took offerings of scraps from the preparations to the pines.

We sat outside in the cool summer dusk and watched my oldest discover and chase "light bugs".  It was a magical day, but I'm so glad that it's over.  I'm exhausted, but happy and very blessed.

I hope your weekend, Solstice, and Father's Day was awesome too.  Night night.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sigh...These Kids

*Facepalm* Lycan's walking around eating something, saying "Candy". I take it from him and see that he's eating a birthday candle.... Sigh. Time for some better child proofing on the drawers.


Our outlets are all covered. Lycan knows he's still not allowed to mess with them. What's he doing, thinking that I'm not watching? Trying to talk the baby into touching the covered outlet.
Older siblings are a pain in the butt. As a little sister, I know from experience.
I remember when I was younger, how my big brother and one of his friends told me to hold my tongue and say, "Apple." Then they threatened to tell on me for cursing.

Eh, the baby is a jerk too. Whenever I'm trying to change Lycan's butt, here comes Vinny! He pulls on Lycan's hair, pokes him in the eye, smacks him, grabs and scratches, and yesterday, twice, he had a hold of Lycan's outtie belly button. It's not easy keeping one sibling from abusing the other when you're elbow deep in a poopy diaper. And he does it all with an evil smile.

THEN he tries to get out of being in trouble by giving kisses. He's like those Sour Patch commercials. I swear.


Evil Vin comes over and grabs my bandaid, almost successful in pulling it off! And he laughs at my pain! Lycan comes in and kisses mommy's hurt.  
"Mommy all bedder?" He asks, face full of concern.  

"Thank you, Lycan. All better."  

"Okay mommy." <3 As I sit here typing this out, the baby is trying to tear off my bandaid and Lycan's throwing wipes at my head, both of them squealing with laughter. Kids. I love em, little butts.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


First off, congratulations to my step brother, his girlfriend, and this daughter, on the birth of Aubrey Jane Black, born today!  Yay, babies!

Annnd....crap.  I got distracted by new babies and can't remember what I was going to post now...oh well.  BABIES!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Trouble Bed & Trouble Wards

We got our AC fixed yesterday, and the baby's eyes are fine now.  Although now that they've both reached their long awaited milestones, I don't know that he's catching up on lost sleep.  The Wolfman is no longer contained, he's free to move about the room.

June 13, 2015

My husband set it all up, although I had to have him move the wall decals lower, so Wolfman could actually see and interact with them.

Wolfman loves his new "Trouble bed!"  Warrior....not so much.

For the special occassion, I've created a special protection spell for my boys':

That New Bed Spell
Nightmare Ward Oil Blend (Note, I don’t make blends for scent. As for ratios, I go with odd numbers. Given that I'm working with a Deity with this spell, I keep Her sacred number[s] in mind.)
  • Olive Oil Base (Protection, Peace)
  • Dried Chamomile (Peaceful sleep)
  • Dried Lavender (Wards against nightmares)
  • Willow Bark (Hecate Offering)

Moon Phase
  • Because Hecate watches over my kids, I will to perform this spell during the Dark Moon (what most people call the New Moon--when the Moon is absent from the sky).

Candle Color
  • Black and White Candle- To confuse negative beings and promote protection. 
  • Dressed with Pine Oil (Protection)
  • Protective Symbols carved into the Black Candle
  • Symbols of Love and Peace carved into the White Candle

Satchel Charm
  • 3 slices of white peony root (Good Fortune, Spiritual Protection, Ward Against Negative Magik)
  • Sea Salt (Purity)
  • Dried Lavender (Hestia, Peace)
  • Rose Quartz (Gentle Calm, Emotional Balance, and Love)

  • Salted flour for Hestia 
  • Olive Oil for Hecate

  1. With the Black and White candles lit, I will charge the oil and satchel for three days, during the Dark Moon, asking for Hecate’s Blessings in protecting my children from harm against ill-wishes, negative entities, and bad people.
  2. Once the oil and satchel are ready, I’ll smudge their room. 
  3. On the undersides of their beds, where they can’t reach, I’ll mark my protective sigil in the oil with my finger. Then activate them with my own energy. 
  4. The satchel will be hanging above their door, with their Hecate plaque. Making sure that it won't fall, but if it does, the satchel will be tied very tight!
  5. Leave my offerings first to Hestia (She is my Matron, my home is Her Temple; She's always the first to receive offerings, regardless of Who or What I'm working with); then to Hecate at night, at a crossroads.

**Update: June 16th:
I performed the spell last night. As for my candles, the White Candle represented Hestia and was the Shield Candle. The Black Candle represented Hecate and was the Weapon Candle, with the appropriate carvings in each. 

Not being able to find my holders, I used two empty fruit cans instead. The Black Candle burned the faster and was quite active. Symbolizing that Hecate will actively defend us.

Once the flame touched the canister, I blew it out. It was done. My intention with this step was that any weapons aimed towards our home would be extinguished by the barrier...the barrier being Hestia's Shield.

The White Candle remained calm and burned for hours. Never once did it touch the walls of the can. When I felt it was time, I blew it out.

The oil and satchel were charged. Offerings of milk and olive oil were given. Normally, I charge oils for three days, but my SPG told me one night was enough.

This morning, I collected the wax for readings later, and I sprinkled salt into the cans, over the candles, to neutralize their energy. Making them plain old candles again. 

(Also posted on Facebook Group - Circle of Wolves: Spell Casting)

Friday, June 12, 2015

Restful Sleep Usually is the Answer...

Warrior and my hubs are the same when it comes to their body temperature.  They're both freakishly hot.  Last night, hubs slept with the fan, so he'd be rested for the work day.  When he got up, I asked him to move the fan into the boys' room.  I felt guilty for having it, while my babies were hot and sweaty!  I managed and they slept more peacefully than they have been.

When I got them up for breakfast, Warrior's eyes look considerably better!  I'm a happy mama!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ugh, This Heat!

Package finally arrived!  Now we have all of the bedding stuff we need for the boys.  Tomorrow, I'm going to put together some protection charms for their beds and room, in addition to have that Hecate plaque above their door.

On Saturday, I'm going to take the kids up to my Uncle's house, as well as to spend time with my niece.  Anyhoo, while we're gone, hubs will be putting their room together.  I'm a tad nervous about this, because I'm so picky and my husband is so not.  But I gotta have faith it'll all come together.  Hopefully Wolfman will be so sleepy from his day of fun that he'll sleep without problems that first night.  But it's a long car ride, he'll probably just sleep on the way home!

Hopeful thoughts!

Onto other, sweaty matters.  Our AC has been broken for a week or two, and this week is the worst! Right now, it feels amazing outside, but not inside this damn house. Windows are open, and we only have one fan.  Sucks.  Warrior is not adjusting to the heat at all!  Poor baby's just not sleeping.  Both kids are in just diapers--although Wolfman keeps taking his off...  We've given both boys cooling baths and are keeping them hydrated.

Yesterday, when Vin got up I thought he had pink eye.  But it went away as he played.  After his nap, his other eye was red, puffy, and looked pink!  I've never had pink eye, but my mom has.  His eye isn't pink all the time.  But it's been red and puffy.  My mom suggested an eye infection or allergies.  I looked online, but Gods know how some websites are.  You go in with an eye irritation and come back with cancer.

I've been monitoring it.  It's gotten better, but his eyes are both red and puffy, one more so than the other.  Just in case it's allergies, hubs and I swept and dusted.  I'm hoping he looks better tomorrow.  Tomorrow, I've also going to put the fan in their room during nap times.  I think he's just not getting enough sleep.

Either way, we have an appointment next week.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Dart Throwing Robots

I got two teeth pulled last night--a baby tooth and a broken molar.  While under the loopy gas, i couldn't help but notice how my molar's eviction was similar to my long labor with Warrior.  Neither were ready for the world!  Both fought to stay in there.  Only this time I was allllll numbed up and feeling good!  Oh, and both times, someone high up on the food chain had to come in with their professional touch and get the process going quicker.

I knew I was going to feel all the pain after the numbing stuff wore off (and i did, it took 2 hours before i got medicine after the numbing stuff wore off.  Awful!), but I enjoyed the gas and everything.  Today, I was just a little loopy from the pain killers.  I just ....  i don't know where i was going with that sentence.  Sorry.

But today, I finally got more mail, more pieces to my kid's milestones.  Wolfman's bed and mattress protector came, Warrior's mattress and protector did, too.  We're just waiting for the bedding set that the post office....sigh....I don't know what they're doing.

I had the wrong address on there and fixed it.  It was forwarded.  Then I recieved no messages at all for over a week.  I did a spell on Sunday to get something positive going and for the package to be here soon.  Yesterday, I FINALLY recieved something in my email.  I don't know what the post office is doin.  They must just be throwing darts at a map, this is the journey that my package has taken:

New Jersey- Started

Whatever states are in between.

Columbus, Ohio - here, I'd seen that the address was wrong, and changed it.  Fed ex said, "okay."

My zip code.

Columbus, went to our oid address....  Despite that we we told them and they repeated it back.  Anyway, in the last email, it was "Forwarded."  We called Fedex and they said that it was in the hands of the USPS.  Okay.  We tried to contact the USPS, all they have are robots and a broken email service.  I went online to the little address changer and there was no need.  The address was fine.

I wasn't that mad at this point.  Just a miscommunication.  Happens.  It was my fault in the first place for not updating our address on the online store.

Then I see....Warrendale, PA (or something)

Another place in PA

Cincinnati, Ohio...

Then it was being ready for delivery in Cincinnati!

I tried calling.  Nothing.  Robots said it was good enough.  I tried emailing, and actually got it to work, only that takes 1-3 days.

Guys, Robots are running the post office.  But that can't be, robots are supposed to be perfect and proficient.

Throwin darts at a freakin map.

Cincinnati is past us.  My package went past us three times!

This morning, I get another email sayin that it's finally arrived at my local post office.  The expected delivery was today.  Still nothing.  Hopefully, my son's bedding set will be here tomorrow.

This is aggravating.  Shame Owl Delivery isn't a real thing at least for us Magik Folk!

However, good news--Fedex and UPS both did their jobs correctly, as I got what I said at the top.   I just gotta have faith that my spell's working.  At least I'm hearing from them now.  My package isn't lost. Although I may just curse the post office if my package is sent traveling the midwest again.

Alas, I was surprised to get something else in the mail today: the Blue Opal that I ordered for Nathan's blanket.  And it's beautiful!  I wasn't expecting that.  Absolutely gorgeous.  I just need one more thing, then his blanket will be finished.

lol, I forgot about this post.  Stupid pain killers.  So yeah, hopefully tomorrow, the bedding will be here and I can stop thinking about the post office and refocus on putting the boy's room together.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Maybe It's Just Wishful Thinking...

Warrior's showing interest in other things, than just balls.  ANIMALS!

He just gets bored with most other toys.  He has 0 interest in watching Baby Einstein, or similar, videos.  He doesn't pay as much attention to the TV, as Wolfman did around his age.  He likes toys, certain ones get him going, but nothing like balls and animals.  He just gets so tickled when playing with the animals that the March Hare brought em on the Spring Equinox.  Especially a purple walrus bath toy.  LOVES IT.

Lycan loves animals, too, but not nearly as much as he loves vehicles (hence why his #1 love is Paw Patrol--puppies and vehicles!).

I love animals, always have, according to my mom.  They were my go-to toys, too, from the cheap dollar store pouches to The Littlest Pet Shop (old school, not the big-headed, fashion things now) to The Lion King to dinosaurs (Wolfman likes dinosaurs, too).

Mommy loves animals and dinosaurs.  I've been thinking about giving Wolfman ones of my age-appropriate dinosaurs.  I kept many of my toys to pass on to my kids, because I really cared about my toys and it's kind of a family tradition.  Keep your favorites to pass on.

But I'm pretty happy that Warrior's excited about animals.  By Wolfman's first birthday, we had a theme due to his likes, which was TMNT at the time (and a lot of that was also due to daddy--I've had to curb my husband from buying things he likes for Wolfman, because our son just isn't that interested).  For Warrior, we went with a Monster theme, because I thought it was cute, he growls, and a ball theme wasn't that fun in my opinion.  Although we had tons of balls at the party.

However, I almost went with a Magical Forest theme, due to May Day being around the corner from his birthday.  The fans voted for Monsters, so monsters it was.  Maybe in the years to come?

A big milestone is coming up for them both: Wolfman's getting a toddler bed and the baby is getting big brother's crib.  Naturally, Wolfman's getting all Paw Patrol bedding stuff.  As for the baby, he's getting a safari bedding set.  We got it shortly after he was born, but weren't able to use it--except the blanket.  It's all going to change.  But I'm looking forward to see what other things Warrior loves, but I have no problem with indulging his animal love!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Rooster Says....

I woke up to Wolfman screaming "COCKA DOO!" repeatedly in his room this morning.
"Well, it's time to get up."

Monday, June 1, 2015

Hotdog Nose!

Yay, Vin's crawling! Albeit on his knees and elbows, but yay, progress! Even with his shirt on!  Yesterday, he was making crawling progress, but only with his shirt off.  
And during lunch, Lycan put on hotdog on his nose, and said, "Mommy! Hotdog nose!" And then laughed and laughed, while repeating, "hotdog nose." It was funny.
It reminded me of my breast plate pun, where I put a plate down my shirt and said to my BFF, "Look!  A breast plate!"  

It was funny.  My husband only smiled, but then he doesn't know what humor is.  Apparently, Lycan was paying attention!