Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Trying to Keep Faith in People When It Comes to My Children

I was woken up by my tossing and turning 3-year-old around 2:20 am.  I felt his head and his back and he was burning up!  I never should've listened to my husband about leaving the diaper bag with all of the important first aid stuff at home.  I should've listened to my instincts and brought it anyway.  People say, "Oh, you're so paranoid" and no, I'm not.  I prefer to be prepared.

I took Wolfman's covers off and laid there.  He didn't seem distressed, no cries, or whines, no sweats, just tossing.  He's been whining since his birthday, as he caught a stomach bug from my step dad's party.  Then as he was starting to feel better, his sick cousins came over on Christmas and now both of my kids are sick.  I'm getting really tired of people not warning us ahead of time about their sick kids.  Now both of mine are congested and snotty, with loss of appetite and diarrhea, and Wolfman has a fever!

I woke up my husband for support, for help, for something, as I was frantic.  We need to do something to bring his fever down.  And I don't have my thermometer here to check his temperature!  My husband was so non-chalant about it.  Seemed more concerned about his lost sleep than bringing Wolfman's fever down, or just trying something.  All he said was that Wolfman's due for another round of medicine at 4 am and that he'd keep an eye on him.

"Do you understand that he can have a seizure and die if we don't do something more?????"

I'm pissed.  I'm scared.  My mind's jumping around to the worse scenarios.  I hate that I trusted his judgement with not bringing the diaper bag.  Now, do I make a big deal out of this or show a little fake faith?  He turned on a fan, I suggested a cold wash rag.  Nope.  Don't listen to me, I worry too much.  I'm paranoid.  And now I' fretting and awake, worried, feeling that we should be waking up his mom or giving him a bath or something!!!!

But nope.

I pray his judgement is right.  I just really hope this isn't going to end in me kicking myself for not doing something more.

**** 3:41 am, I did give him a cold rag, he handed it back to his dad and said that he was cool and to give it back to me.  Glad to say, mommy over-reacted, as Wolfman is up and sitting on daddy's lap, talking about how everyone is sleeping and that it's "a clock in the morning!"

I should also say that I'm also sick.  I took some Vitamin C and motrin a bit ago, and gargled listerine.  Haven't been sleeping a whole lot lately.  Just ugh.  I'm getting congested and diarrhea-y too.  What a  lovely vacation.

At 4, we're giving him medicine, and are going to try sleeping again.

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