Saturday, December 19, 2015

Sticker Board

Today's birthday party was awesome, but I don't have any pictures uploaded right now, so I'll talk more later.  But we do have our gifts out around the tree, this Yule Eve, and there's many more gifts than intended, from family.  Even though Wolfman is staying the night at grandma's and Warrior went to bed a long time ago, I'm still going to set out the offerings for Sleipnir, Julbock, and Odin.

December 19, 2015

And for tomorrow, my brother and SIL gifted us with a ham!  Awesome!

Okay, so onto the title of the post.  One of the things that Wolfman got a lot of this year was stickers!  Toy Story and Bubble Guppies, more to add to his Paw Patrol, his Thanksgiving Turkey stickers from Kroger, and the sticker badge that he got from that nice police officer at Aldi's a couple of weeks ago.

I've been putting their stickers up, so our walls and doors and windows don't become adorned with their art.  When I was little, I loved stickers.  I had a big ole dresser mirror that I was allowed to use for my collection, and I used it for years.  LOVED it!  Sad when we got rid of that dresser.  Sooooo, I was thinking of getting the boys one of those triptych styrofoam-enforced cardboard presentation boards for their collections, IF they follow in my steps and do such as thing.  It's a large surface that they'll be able to carry around with them.  Put it on the wall or where ever.  Be a lot easier to move, too.

I think that'll be a good idea, their own traveling sticker board posters.

Yule's tomorrow for us, and I'll also post pictures from the birthday party.  Night night, all!

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