Monday, December 14, 2015

So Much Stuff!

In a week, we'll be celebrating Wolfman's third birthday party.  I'm happy to report that my step dad's moved his family gathering to his martial arts studio, which will give me time to get in there early and set up for the party.

Talking about working out, my mom picked me up and had intended on having me help her wrap gifts (I hate wrapping), but I got her to not postpone us buying Wolfman's birthday decorations, which is a good thing.  We got to Party City and the Toy Story stuff wasn't out, because they were preparing to put something else in it's place.  Like....Toy Story is still pretty big.  There's loads of toys--new toys--in the stores and there's a couple of 45 minute long movies out and yall are only going to have the Toy Story party theme available online?  Seriously?  Stupid.

Luckily, my mom was able to get the store manager to search the back, and she found the party supplies.  WHEW!  I was sooooo worried!  I'm so glad we didn't wait!

I wasn't going to do party favors, but my mom kept pointing them out and finally I agreed.  I went with money bags with stickers, space ranger wrist band, a sheriff's badge, two watermelon airheads (because they looked like money), and a Hersey's Gold chocolate thingy.

And my mom also got me to order a cake instead of make one.  I had my grand plan, but she was thinking less stress, and she was stressing me out with her stressed butt.  I gave in.  She bought it.  Went with another cupcake cake.  Easy.  Just hope that it tastes good.

I did order the space cadet candles today...

But I went back to her house and helped her wrap.  She's awesome at wrapping and decorating and me?  I'd rather just put things in gift bags.  I hate wrapping.  I'm pretty sure that when I pick up our gifts from her house this weekend, they're all going to be rewrapped.  Haha.

But today, the kids got their first Santa experience.  I didn't go, I slept and went through their stuff for donations, but my mom and step dad took the grandkids to his Free Mason Temple for their holiday thing.  The kids had fun.  Apparently Wolfman--who never meets a stranger--walked right up to Santa twice and just talked his ear off.  However, Warrior wasn't as talkative.  I didn't think he'd be.  But the boys got early gifts from Santa today.  Wolfman got his little Toy Story figurines which he freakin adores!  And Warrior got himself three stuffed animals: a Pig, a Elephant, and a Monkey.  All that he gave many kisses and "ugs" and struggled to carry all of them around.  He loves his "anmals".

I'm looking forward to this weekend and the holidays....but not looking forward to all of the stuff.  However, that's one of the reasons why I went through our stuff today, to make room, hopefully.  We've got Wolfman's party on the 19th, I think Yule is on the 21st, then Christmas Eve (which I think I'm working, boo) and Christmas Day, and finally, we're celebrating Wolfman's actually birthday in Kentucky with his great grandma, grandma, uncle, and cousins.  So much stuff!

All of this stuff is making me rethink future holidays.  I want there to be less stuff, at least on our end.

We'll it's 3 am here, so Imma off to bed.  Night Night!

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