Monday, December 21, 2015

Partying with the Toy Story Gang...

...was a total success!  There were so many cousins there (and two favor bag left).  Although my mom did go in and redo the bags.  She added way more candy than I wanted, AND got rid of Lycan's special bag.  I was very annoyed by that, but she did a great job decorating everything else and preparing the meat and cheese trays.

Cupcake Cake from Walmart

Favor bags filled with Toy Story stickers, Space Ranger Wrist Band,
Sherrif Badge, and candy. 

 The toy that put my mom in the Grandma Hall of Fame, "Buzz Lightyear!"

We had Yule today, and even after getting an awesome huge Tonka Truck, Wolfman STILL did not put Buzz down.  lol.  That's a super successful gift right there.

Blessed Yule!

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