Saturday, December 19, 2015

Finally! Just a Few More Hours...

Tomorrow, the boys are getting their hair cut...not looking forward to that, especially since Warrior SCREAMS bloody murder...jeez, it's like he's gettin a bath or something...  Anything having to get clean, minus a butt change, he does not do.  

Figures, Wolfman LOVES baths, Warriors hates em.  However, neither really care for haircuts.  Oughta be a fun morning.

Anywho, from Cookie Cutters to grandma's, they'll be going to my step dad's family thing, so I can get over to their house and set up for the big Toy Story shindig. 

Come Sunday, we're having Yule...and I still don't have an idea for dinner.  Although for breakfast, I want to try risalamande, which is a "Danish Christmas Rice Pudding With Almonds and Warm Cherry Sauce".  Or raspberry sauce, or no sauce, just cinnamon and yum.  Also known as Yule Porridge.  I figure that we've borrowed other Nordic traditions, both to honor my Scandinavian roots and hubby's spiritual path, might as well try more traditional dishes...and I simply LOVE rice pudding!

However, for dinner? idea.  I know I'd like to have some rosemary deer stew, but no luck with our hunter friends this year.  Maybe a cornish game hen?  Guess we'll see what we have money for, since we still have to buy/bake gifts and are also spending some days in Kentucky after Christmas.   Soooo, we need travel money.  

Dessert?  Yule Log.  Easy.  

Drinks?  Peppermint and Mexican Hot Chocolates. Maybe, although after this last period, I'm kinda all chocolated out.  Didn't think that was possible...

I'll worry about Yule feast sometime tomorrow...  

I'll post pictures soon!

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