Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Birthday's, Party's, and Frustration

Wolfman's birthday party is on the 19th, it's coming up quick!  And we're going to be cutting it really close, with waiting until the 18th to buy party supplies.  I'm going to be pissed if we can't find anything Toy Story or Buzz Lightyear.  All because of hubby's brilliant budgetting.  He best pray it all works out to plan, otherwise momma ain't gonna be happy.  Heck, I’m not happy now.

Also cutting it close, is that even though I planned it first, my step dad decided that they're going to host his family's christmas party on the 19th.  Like, for real?  How rude is that?  Yall knew we were planning to have Wolfman's birthday on that day AND at yall's house!  Oh, not to mention that people on my dad's side also planned their party for that same exact day!  So some folks aren't coming.  Do yall not write anything down????   We picked the 19th so people wouldn't forget about his birthday on the 28th.  Turns out some people don't give a crap either way!  I'm getting real tired of extended family this year.

I have to work on that Sunday, so no, I can't freakin move it.  Nope, gotta move the time, which conflicts with my BFF's schedule—my son’s godmother can’t come anymore because she has something for her school to attend (she's a teacher and is typically in charge of school activities) (I'm not mad at her, btw, I understand).  I'm worried that I'm not going to have the time to go in there and get everything set up for Wolfman's party before my guests arrive.  This kind of stuff just annoys me so much.  I feel like I'm being ignored.  

You know, for Wolfman's first birthday, my mom wanted us to move it to January?  January.  Seriously?  I know my son didn't have the best timing with being born, but yall got reminders on your freaking super phones?  Or at the very least some people still know how to use a pencil and a piece a paper, right?  Right it down where you're going to see it!  But, nah, I'm the responsible one, so I have to reschedule everything.  Unfreaking believable.

Our friend's kid was born on Christmas, yet people have time to go to his first birthday!  But people make excuses for Wolfman.  I can't wait until Wolfman's starts making his own friends, because many family are extremely unreliable.  Next year, I’m only inviting key people.  People I know will be there.  And we’ll all have them in this tiny apartment with super limited guest parking, so no one can schedule over our reserved space.  And if they can’t make if because they didn’t give a crap about checking our invite, well, too bad.  I want my son to be first on his birthday for a change in December.  Assholes.

Sorry about that, I’m just very annoyed and hurt.  I’m just tired of people expecting us to change all of our plans around for them, but them not reciporcating.  Ever.  I’m done.  If you get upset because I didn’t invite you, go cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it.  Because I’m tired of your BS and I’m not apologizing for it.

Movin on. 

Normally, I do party favors because I enjoy it, but no one (with kids) are giving me a straight answer about whether or not they're coming...why waste time and money if they don't care?

I think I'm making his cake this year.  I bought some little Toy Story figurines for it.  Since Buzz is the focus, I'm going to make it in the shape of his ship, with the little figures on and around it.  

Oh, crap, we can't wait until the 18th, because I wanted to special order some spacey candles....well, damn.  

I got a job to help out and it doesn't seem to be helping any.  Except making me exhausted and bitchy.  I hate that.  Shame I was terrified of the pallet jacks at Kroger.  Made good money for the week I was there, almost $500 in four days.  Now I'm working a cleaning job, making just above minimum wage, but at least it has flexible hours and is only 10 minutes from home.  Just sucks because I got this job to help out with bills and savings, and it doesn't seem like I’m doing anything...to the point where we're risking not having anything for Wolfman's party.  I need to bring that up to my husband tomorrow.  I don't like cutting anything close.  I like to have time to get things together.  

Well, yeah, so we're having pizza, spiral pasta salad, ham, cheese, and veggie tray, and probably some popcorn, since it's one of Wolfman's favorite foods.  

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