Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Beautiful Gift

I finally was able to buy the Beautiful Wishes figurine from Willow Tree!  I've been wanting her for a long time.  She's very perfect for any memorial place, in my humble opinion.

"Calla lilies are a symbol of majestic beauty. I chose this flower to represent a pure and simple wish for beauty and peace in our lives…a universal sentiment for so many occasions…birth, marriage, anniversaries, in sympathy and in remembrance. Beautiful wishes are what we send to those we care for and about." ~ Susan Lordi, Willow Tree

Tonight, I have her sitting on my Ancestral shrine, surrounded by lit candles, dried rosemary, and an offering of wine and apple juice.  I had originally intended her for Nathan, but I've decided to purchase another Willow Tree for him, the Angel of Comfort.

Why angels?  Why Willow Tree?  Even though I don't necessary believe in angels, I do love them.  Since I was young, my Christian family usually gifted me with beautiful angels, so they've always held a special place in my heart.  Usually, after the death of a family member, I often would inherit an angel from them.  All of my angels--all gifts--sit on the Ancestral shrine.

Why Willow Tree?  I didn't even know about Willow Tree until my Aunt Gaye passed away.  She collected angels, and in her last years, had picked out certain ones to give to family.  I have two angels from her, a clay one that she felt looked like me and a Spring Angel, whom I sit on the Pets shelf. ....okay, I guess it's not Willow Tree, ha, looks like it, though.  Should've know since she has eyes.  Either way, my aunt gave my step mom many Willow Tree angels to give away (I was supposed to get one, but was gipped unfortunately).

Bitterness aside, my step mom and I made it a tradition to give Willow Tree figures every year for Christmas and special occasions: weddings, births, deaths.  Even though I'm distancing myself from her, I still will continue this tradition in my Aunt's memory.  And because Willow Tree is simple and beautiful.

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