Sunday, November 1, 2015

Treats and Lightyear

Trick or Treat was a blast!  I was super busy yesterday, brewing, baking, and cooking, getting things ready for Samhain and such...and I didn't have time to get my costume together (I just grabbed a broomstick).  Nor did I have time for many pictures....we were kind of rushed.  But Wolfman went as Leonardo, Warrior went as Raph, and hubby went as Casey Jones (TMNT).  We went with my mom, step dad, step brother, and his kids--Cinderella and Snow White.  

Although. if I had the money, I would've made Wolfman a bottle of milk or a milk man (because he milks for sympathy) and Warrior a a Sour Patch Kid.  

Now I have a couple other holidays to plan for, especially Wolfman's birthday.  He's old enough to tell me what he wanted for a theme: "Buzz Lightning!"  Aka, Toy Story.  Good thing I hadn't started buying for the Bubble Guppy party.  Now I have to start over and plan for a Toy Story party.  

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