Tuesday, October 6, 2015

New Baby!

Last night, at 10pm, one of my friends was induced, here's a Birth Candle Spell that I did for her:

  • Pink Candle, carved with two C's, one for momma and one for baby; S for safety, a heart for love, B for blessings, Algiz for protection.  
  • Anointed the candle with a general Enchantment oil (which oddly enough, I didn't record the ingredients...that's not like me...), and charged it with safety and healthy labor and delivery for momma and baby.
  • I made a sigil on a piece of paper, using the words that I charged the candle with.  
  • I placed the candle on the piece of paper, in front of Kuan Yin and Bear.  I lit the candle, asking for the love, compassion, guidance, and healing from Kuan Yin, Bear, Artemis, and the Spirits; to watch over momma, daddy, and baby, and to ensure a quick recovery.  
  • As I gathered offerings for the Beings, I heard Bear say, "Burning Sage".  As I laid the dried white peony petals in front of Kuan Yin, I heard a female voice ask for water, so I grabbed a small glass dish and added some salt to it to purify it.  Then gave fire light to the others.   (oh, before I gave any offerings, I gave them to Hestia first, as She gets the first, as the Matron of the household).  
  • I was filled with pure warmth and positive energies as the candle burned.  
Sometime this morning, I believe, her water was broken (that baby boy did not want to come out!).  Then at 4:58 pm, Charles Sterling Allan was born!  

I'm so happy for my friend.  She has PCOS, has had a miscarrage before, was high risk, never thought she could get pregnant!  She just really deserves this baby.  She's such a wonderful, caring, funny person.  She's going to be a great mom.  I wish them all the best!  <3 <3 <3

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