Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hecate's Altar

I finally got around to it, taking a picture of the protection altar that hangs above my boy's doorway.

K. Wren 2015

This is for Hecate, Goddess of the Underworld, of Spirits, of Magik, and a Protector of Children.  The two moons are made by me, one's felt, stuffed with charms, with moon oil in a bottle.  The other is wood that I bought from Michaels, and painted and stapled some shimmering blue ribbon from.  The Hecate plaque, I bought from my favorite local Pagan shop--The Magical Druid--and the purple satchel has charms meant to protect my kids from nightmares, negative entities and energies, and any person who might want to harm them.

After my son, Wolfman, was born, I was still reeling from the loss of Nathan...and I had pissed off some Witches in the aftermath.  Two did try to curse me.  One was successful, but I broke and sent it back at the sender.  Even though I wasn't that same person, I worried a lot about my son.  Mundane and magikal threats.  Hecate came to me one night and promised that I would have nothing to worry about.  That She would protect my children.  It made me feel so blessed.  A weight was lifted.  

Last year...or some odd months ago, I can't remember, this has been a long year for me, I bought the plaque for my son's room.  I felt this image was appropriate, since Hecate is a Watcher and a Goddess of the Crossroads....She sees all ways.  I felt it was appropriate to have hanging, to watch all ways, over my children.  

Then after some spirit trouble and a new toddler bed, I added the protection satchel.  

When we moved in, I knew what I want the altar to look like.  Everything up there is directed towards protection.  And in some stories, Hecate is the Triple Goddess.  Even though I don't really think of Her in that aspect, it was a perfect fit.  

And Wolfman knows the altar.  He saw the picture and said, "My room!"  He knows Hecate, too. 

Do you have a deity, a spirit, or any protections over your children or family?  

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