Thursday, October 15, 2015

Ancestor's Heart Oil Blend

Today is the Wave of Light.  I've selected a white candle for Nathan (I wanted blue, but ran out of that color.  I thought about going with red, as it's a traditional color for Samhain, but I wanted to keep it with the color scheme of the ribbon).  I carved his name into it, along with hearts, 'I miss you', a blessings symbol, peace sign, and algiz for protection.

Holding the candle, I looked through Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep's facebook page and looked at the pictures and stories shared.  I charged the candle with those emotions.  Sadness, longing, love, mourning, beauty, and peace.

Then I made the oil that I'm going to dress the candle with in a couple of hours.  I call it Ancestor's Heart.  Made with love, peace, remembrance, gratitude, and protection:
  • Olive Oil - Base oil, Protection
  • Dried Lavender and Oil - Peace, Harmony
  • Rose Oil, Water - Love, Beauty
  • Dried Rosemary - Remembrance

I swirled the oil clockwise, charging it with intention, and now it's sitting in a dark place, on the Ancestral Shrine, as Nathan's candle rests on his blanket.  Give it a few hours, then I'll dress the candle with the oil and light it, adding his flame to the Wave of Light at 7 pm.  

Here's a good article, explaining why some folks choose to share their photos of their babies: 

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