Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Big Green Grumpy Dragon

According to Wolfman, there's a big green grumpy dragon outside.  It was on the fence, then it climbed the building.  He was happy that it wasn't going to eat him, Warrior, or daddy, but when we said it wasn't going to eat mommy either, he got sad.  Wolfman wants the dragon to eat me so it doesn't go away.

It flew away.  About 15 minutes later, he exclaimed, "Mommy!  Dragy's back!  He's outside!"  He said that the dragon was grumpy and that he wanted to give it a big hug to make it feel all better.

But it was still okay with Wolfman if the dragon ate me.  I feel the love.   :-p


Wolfman's trying to bring the toys back inside and Warrior keeps taking them back out.  Earlier, Warrior was throwing Wolfman's favorites outside and trying to shut the door.  My Sour Patch Kid.

To prevent his little brother from tossing his toys back outside, Wolfman put the baby's toys outside and tried to bring his own in.  Warrior grabbed them all anyway and gave them a toss!  So Wolfman handed them to me.

The toddler struggle is real.  Wolfman's convinced that the dark clouds, passing vehicles, and headlights outside mean that a storm is coming, so he doesn't want his toys getting wet.  Warrior's not ready to come inside yet.  Either way, they have 15 minutes until they join Father Sun and go night night!

And the Grumpy Dragon is back and Wolfman has to clean the garden so the dragon has a place to go night night, too.

Finally, Wolfman gets all of the toys and Warrior inside.  Then we hear, "Oh, no.  Not again."  The baby took the toys back outside.

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