Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Fresh Start

We're moving into our new place tomorrow.  Normally, with the prospect of moving, it's usually a little bittersweet for me.  Not this time.  I'm excited.  Yes, we're moving from a big house into a smaller condo, but the process is revitalizing.  We're donating a lot of stuff to charity tomorrow.  Sure, we still have lots to move, but I'll also be finding more stuff to donate in order to get settled into the new place.  I like that part, finding nice things to donate.  It feels good.  And it's better than adding more crap to the dump.  Or getting chump change from a business who's going to turn around and sell it for more than they bought it from you.  Screw that mess.  Just give it to charity!

It feels like a fresh start.  We moved out of the big city, away from the capital, and into a smaller city.  The energy alone feels cleaner.  Fresher.  We're excited.  We've got lots of challenges ahead of us, but we've had a taste of living in a house and having land, and we want that again.  We're more driven than before, and this time, we have little ones dependent on our success.

We're moving further from the toxic sperm donor.  We'll be down the street from my mom and a couple of doors down from my step brother and his family.  Plus, there's lots of warehouses and other jobs available up there.

We signed the lease and got the keys today, I smudged the condo of any negative energies, and left out offerings to the currant spirits there.  Tomorrow we're moving in!  The area kind of reminds me of a much smaller Franshire--the neighborhood that I spent much of my childhood in, minus a park, pool, and clubhouse.  But it has a grassy courtyard and tons of active kids of various ages.  Today, they're were teens practicing lacrosse, some were playing football, and a few others were playing basketball.  Then there were three girls riding around on bikes.  According to my step brother, it's a peaceful.  Which is what I want, since I have to be in a living situation with neighbors again.  But it's only temporary.  We're planning on purchasing a country home within the next 1-2 years.

As for this house, I've left my offerings for the House and Land Spirits, thanking them for the teachings and tolerance.  For their acceptance and experiences.  I've said my farewell's to them. I will miss them and the place of power on the property--the pines.

However it's 2:05 am here and I'm not in bed yet.  So good night for now.

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