Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Polar Opposites

I know comparing is bad, but this post is more about how opposite my boys are from each other, at Warrior's age:

  • Was (still is) into vehicles.  He also loved his black cat, which is now Vin's. (Now, Lycan is heavily into Paw Patrol, Bubble Guppies, Peppa Pig, and Team Umi Zumi.)
  • Loves TV!
  • Very Active
  • Start walking a couple days before he turned one
  • Was (is) a chatterbox, with words
  • Loved books
  • Wasn't a picky eater
  • Loved(s) veggies
  • Is a daddy's boy
  • Daddy was his first word
  • Has separation anxiety
  • Does not have a high pain tolerance
  • Gets rashes a lot
  • Likes grass
  • Cried a lot, especially for naps and bedtime.
  • Didn't like to hang out in his crib.

  • Prefers to chuck brother's vehicles under the couch.  He's far more interested in balls and animals.  Almost always is carrying around his piggy, bunny, black sheep, or llama.  
  • Doesn't care for TV or the computer videos.
  • Is more chill and laid back.
  • Is beginning to stand, by pulling himself up.
  • Says words here and there, but mostly baby babble.  However, he looooves watching your mouth when teaching him words.  And he understands pretty well.  
  • He likes to throw books....
  • Is super picky eater. 
  • Hates veggies.  We have to disguise them with fruit or sweet potatoes.
  • Is a total momma's boy.
  • Mommy was his first word.
  • Does not have separation anxiety.
  • Has a high pain tolerance.
  • Hardly ever gets rashes.  
  • Hates grass.
  • Cried once in a while, but overall pretty easy for naps and bedtime.  
  • This kid will just hang out in his crib for hours!  Just playing, laughing, babbling.  I normally don't grab him until he's ready to come out.  

There's other differences and of course, they do have some similarities.  They both love kisses, being tickled, both love fruit, both like being outside, and are totally about the ladies.  They know they're cute.  

Wolfman is more of a sweet heart, less of a trouble maker, but Warrior is a total Sour Patch Kid.  Naughty at first, then sweet.  And he's vindictive!  Whenever his brother pisses him off, Warrior chucks one of Wolfman's toys or cup under the couch or hides it.  But fair is fair, since Wolfman will hide Warrior's binkie.  But Warrior's not as addicted to the binks like his brother was.

On one hand, I'm prepared for their differences (and am totally dreading Warrior's terrible two's, because Wolfman's not that bad for a toddler), and yet, I'm unprepared.  But that's parenthood.  You think you have it figured out, then BAM, curve ball.

I enjoy their differences.  Well, there's pros and cons, of course, but ya know.  It's fun to look at them.  For those of you with more than one child, or with siblings--especially close in age--just how similar or different are you/your kids from your/their siblings?

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