Sunday, July 12, 2015

I Don't Normally Do This...

...I can't get this child out of my head.  I've never been affected so deeply by a story of a missing, injured, murdered, or abused child.  Yes, it hurts and it does saddened me, but this little boy has me deeply moved.

Every since I saw this news story about Deorr Kunz, Jr--a 2-year-old who went missing on Friday, while on a camping trip--I haven't really been able to focus on anything else.  I don't know this family, yet since Friday, I've prayed to Kuan Yin and to the Deities who watch over children.  I've prayed that his Guardians are protecting him, keeping him safe.  I'm checking the news for any new information.  Waiting.

Facing reality and knowing how these sorts of events end--usually in death, unfortunately--I've asked that his spirit is reunited with his loved ones.  That he's no longer afraid or suffering.

I ask that his loved ones are shown compassion and given strength, courage, healing, and love.

I ask that he is found.  Preferably healthy and okay.  Safe and sound.  But found.

Every time I see my 2-year-old, I think of that little boy and am sure to hug my children tighter.  It's so easy to lose them.  I think it's because of Wolfman that I put myself in their shoes.  I can't shake what the family must be going through.

My heart goes out of that family and to the searchers.  I have a charged candle lit, with his name on it, praying for the best and sending my love and energy to this baby and his loved ones.  I hope that they find peace.

I'm finding myself praying for a lot of children these days.  My husband keeps telling me to avoid the news.  Maybe he's right?  I dunno...

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