Thursday, July 9, 2015

Funny Things My Kids Do and Say

Things that I'm putting here, so I don't forget them later for their baby books.

June 24, 2015:
Mommy dips oreo in milk and crams whole thing in her mouth.
Lycan takes cookie and before mommy knows it, Lycan splashes milk while quickly dunking his oreo into mommy's milk, then tries to cram the whole thing into his mouth. Spits it out into his hand, then eats most of it. Puts some into my hand and eats the rest without using his own hands.
Monkey see, monkey do?

June 30:
And one more update. Today, while I was making dinner, I smelled baby powder, but it didn't click as to why. Finishing up, I sat down to read, and had Lycan walk in, "Floor all dirry!"
Something looked off about him.
I followed a white trail to our bedroom and seen white baby powder....all...over...our room. I didn't know whether or laugh or cry.

In better light, I realized Lycan was covered in powder...Lycan, the Friendly Ghost, as Dave had said about him.
*Sighs* Toddlers.

July 1, 2015:
Oh, yeah!  We bought Lycan his first fishing pole yesterday. It has begun. wink emoticonDon't know how interested he's going to be, but he has his own now, and it already comes with a fish.

"Pubby! Pubby! Pubby!" Vin as he triumphantly carries Rubble the bulldog away from Lycan.

July 2, 2015:
Vin's playing with a toy truck. Lycan puts his orange down and starts whining. I tell Lycan to play with the orange truck and share. Lycan takes the orange truck into the playroom and returns empty handed, whining for the toy truck in Vin's hands. Vin drops the toy truck, Lycan snatches it and runs away. Vin grabs one of Lycan's favorite Paw Patrol toys and chucks it under the futon.
Sibling rivalry. Minus the whining and crying, it's funny, Who needs soap operas when you have kids, huh?

July 4, 2015:
Had a blast at Uncle Jerry's house, with Beth, Brandon, Barbara, Kathy, Dan, Danny, Steph, Holli, the new baby, and Larry (a big thanks to you for entertaining my son--he loved that big beautiful motorcycle). Thanks for having us over! Lycan caught 3 fish all on his own, because he's freaking awesome and truly my son! The 2-year-old Fish Slayer!
My back hurts, my cyst hurts, I've got cuts all over my hands from those fiesty bluegill (I did catch one bass, though), I was pissed on by bluegill more times than I can count, but those are just the souvenirs from an awesome day of fishing and hanging out with your family, eating delicious food and having great conversations. What a blessed 4th of July!

July 5, 2015:
I'm convinced that Vin would be sorted into Slytherin. He is a Sour Patch Kid.

July 8, 2015:
Hm, perhaps Deathly Hallows isn't the right way to introduce Lycan to Harry Potter? tongue emoticon
It's on and he's watching the bloody ear scene, whining, "Hurt?" Oh, crap. Go back and watch your Nick Jr, kid. Oh, wait it's not on yet because you decided to wake up at 5:50 am.

Normally when I ask Lycan to throw away a diaper, he says, "No, thanks." Today, he really looked his diaper over and said, "No way. No way, mommy. No, thanks." My 2-year-old.

"Cupcake!"  Screams Lycan
"UPCAY!" Yells Vin.

Lycan's in the playroom teaching Vin words!

Lycan walks in here, sucking on his fingers and says, "So tasty! Lycan is so tasty!"

July 9, 2015:
Apparently I'm dead, Lycan put a toy on my shoulder and said, "Checking mommy heartbeat." Looking serious, "Mommy no heart beat. No heartbeat." Then he laughed and ran away. I'm a zombie, according to my toddler.

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