Friday, July 31, 2015

Birthdays on the Brain!

I've got birthday fever and there's no birthday in sight!  Well, except my husbands, but due to it being October 30th, it always has a Halloween theme.  And we're doing Halloween at my uncle house.  Covered.

Wolfman's birthday is in December, but I haven't really a clue for him yet.  This year he might be old enough to tell me what he wants his theme to be, but I have an idea: Vehicles, construction, trains, tractors, dinosaurs, Blaze and the Monster Machines, Bubble Guppies, Peppa PigTeam Umizoomi, or even Paw Patrol again.  I'd say that I don't like repeat birthday themes, but I remember having The Lion King three years in a row!  So mommy can't talk.  And now there's PP birthday themed stuff.

He'll want it all.

I kinda want to do Peppa Pig, because that show is in his top three and he loves pigs.  Something that he actually has in common with Warrior.  This show annoys my husband, though!  But Wolfman will sit on our bed, watching it, with a truck, Gil (Bubble Guppies), and Peppa!  His favorite colors right now are green and pink.  But we'll see!

But the birthday on my mind is Warrior in April!  As of now, he's into animals, so I'm going back to that Magical Woodland theme, tying in his birthday with May Day.  Or maybe just farm animals?  I dunno, but I'm thinking about it!

I know that I want it to be cute and vibrant, not sophisticated--more colorful than his Monster party.  And this time, I'll be a bit more specific with his cake, unless I decide to make it myself this year.  If I do make it myself, I want to add LittlePeople's animals to the cake, and since we already have farm animals, I'll probably go with the safari theme...or just use what I have!  I dunno.

Although I'm also thinking about doing the cupcake cake again, it was just less mess and less trash.  And it tasted good.

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