Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ugh, This Heat!

Package finally arrived!  Now we have all of the bedding stuff we need for the boys.  Tomorrow, I'm going to put together some protection charms for their beds and room, in addition to have that Hecate plaque above their door.

On Saturday, I'm going to take the kids up to my Uncle's house, as well as to spend time with my niece.  Anyhoo, while we're gone, hubs will be putting their room together.  I'm a tad nervous about this, because I'm so picky and my husband is so not.  But I gotta have faith it'll all come together.  Hopefully Wolfman will be so sleepy from his day of fun that he'll sleep without problems that first night.  But it's a long car ride, he'll probably just sleep on the way home!

Hopeful thoughts!

Onto other, sweaty matters.  Our AC has been broken for a week or two, and this week is the worst! Right now, it feels amazing outside, but not inside this damn house. Windows are open, and we only have one fan.  Sucks.  Warrior is not adjusting to the heat at all!  Poor baby's just not sleeping.  Both kids are in just diapers--although Wolfman keeps taking his off...  We've given both boys cooling baths and are keeping them hydrated.

Yesterday, when Vin got up I thought he had pink eye.  But it went away as he played.  After his nap, his other eye was red, puffy, and looked pink!  I've never had pink eye, but my mom has.  His eye isn't pink all the time.  But it's been red and puffy.  My mom suggested an eye infection or allergies.  I looked online, but Gods know how some websites are.  You go in with an eye irritation and come back with cancer.

I've been monitoring it.  It's gotten better, but his eyes are both red and puffy, one more so than the other.  Just in case it's allergies, hubs and I swept and dusted.  I'm hoping he looks better tomorrow.  Tomorrow, I've also going to put the fan in their room during nap times.  I think he's just not getting enough sleep.

Either way, we have an appointment next week.

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