Monday, June 15, 2015

Trouble Bed & Trouble Wards

We got our AC fixed yesterday, and the baby's eyes are fine now.  Although now that they've both reached their long awaited milestones, I don't know that he's catching up on lost sleep.  The Wolfman is no longer contained, he's free to move about the room.

June 13, 2015

My husband set it all up, although I had to have him move the wall decals lower, so Wolfman could actually see and interact with them.

Wolfman loves his new "Trouble bed!"  Warrior....not so much.

For the special occassion, I've created a special protection spell for my boys':

That New Bed Spell
Nightmare Ward Oil Blend (Note, I don’t make blends for scent. As for ratios, I go with odd numbers. Given that I'm working with a Deity with this spell, I keep Her sacred number[s] in mind.)
  • Olive Oil Base (Protection, Peace)
  • Dried Chamomile (Peaceful sleep)
  • Dried Lavender (Wards against nightmares)
  • Willow Bark (Hecate Offering)

Moon Phase
  • Because Hecate watches over my kids, I will to perform this spell during the Dark Moon (what most people call the New Moon--when the Moon is absent from the sky).

Candle Color
  • Black and White Candle- To confuse negative beings and promote protection. 
  • Dressed with Pine Oil (Protection)
  • Protective Symbols carved into the Black Candle
  • Symbols of Love and Peace carved into the White Candle

Satchel Charm
  • 3 slices of white peony root (Good Fortune, Spiritual Protection, Ward Against Negative Magik)
  • Sea Salt (Purity)
  • Dried Lavender (Hestia, Peace)
  • Rose Quartz (Gentle Calm, Emotional Balance, and Love)

  • Salted flour for Hestia 
  • Olive Oil for Hecate

  1. With the Black and White candles lit, I will charge the oil and satchel for three days, during the Dark Moon, asking for Hecate’s Blessings in protecting my children from harm against ill-wishes, negative entities, and bad people.
  2. Once the oil and satchel are ready, I’ll smudge their room. 
  3. On the undersides of their beds, where they can’t reach, I’ll mark my protective sigil in the oil with my finger. Then activate them with my own energy. 
  4. The satchel will be hanging above their door, with their Hecate plaque. Making sure that it won't fall, but if it does, the satchel will be tied very tight!
  5. Leave my offerings first to Hestia (She is my Matron, my home is Her Temple; She's always the first to receive offerings, regardless of Who or What I'm working with); then to Hecate at night, at a crossroads.

**Update: June 16th:
I performed the spell last night. As for my candles, the White Candle represented Hestia and was the Shield Candle. The Black Candle represented Hecate and was the Weapon Candle, with the appropriate carvings in each. 

Not being able to find my holders, I used two empty fruit cans instead. The Black Candle burned the faster and was quite active. Symbolizing that Hecate will actively defend us.

Once the flame touched the canister, I blew it out. It was done. My intention with this step was that any weapons aimed towards our home would be extinguished by the barrier...the barrier being Hestia's Shield.

The White Candle remained calm and burned for hours. Never once did it touch the walls of the can. When I felt it was time, I blew it out.

The oil and satchel were charged. Offerings of milk and olive oil were given. Normally, I charge oils for three days, but my SPG told me one night was enough.

This morning, I collected the wax for readings later, and I sprinkled salt into the cans, over the candles, to neutralize their energy. Making them plain old candles again. 

(Also posted on Facebook Group - Circle of Wolves: Spell Casting)

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